Notes to the Table
of Accused NH Priests

In March 2005, NH Catholic activist Carolyn Disco and announced this updated list of priests publicly accused of sexual abuse who have worked in the Manchester diocese. The list was compiled in response to a January 2005 written request from SNAP that has not been acknowledged by the diocese to date.

This table is both a list of accused priests and an easy place to access information about them. It offers links to the following information on accused New Hampshire priests:

- NH attorney general's analysis. These analyses of key accused priests are the best to appear in any grand jury or attorney general's report on the crisis. The analyses are illustrated by references to available diocesan documents, and supported by investigative documents, such as interviews with offenders and victims.

- Investigative and diocesan documents made public by the attorney general as part of his agreement with the diocese. We currently offer these as large PDFs (6 or 7 megabytes each) for download. A fast connection will make these downloads easier. We also offer certain individual documents as separate PDFs. These smaller files are easy to download with a slow connection. We will be offering more and more individual documents on the site, and ultimately the entire AG's archive will be available in this form.

- News reports. We have selected educational news reports and commentaries that provide details of the allegations and insight into the diocese's management of its priests. We have not linked to every article, and we welcome suggestions for additional articles.

- Assignment Records. The documents and news reports contain valuable information on the parishes where accused NH priests have worked. Every one of these parishes is a vulnerable community, where victims might not yet have come forward. We have begun to list these parishes in the table, and will soon have a complete list of assignments for every accused priest.

This table is a work in progress, and we invited your input as we make it more complete.

Note: The majority of the men named in this table were not convicted of sexual abuse. Due mostly to expired statutes of limitations, very few of these alleged crimes were prosecuted in court. Legally, all citizens are presumed innocent until proven guilty. We have named only priests and brothers against whom public accusations have already been made in a lawsuit, a newspaper article, or in the report released by the NH AG with its supporting documentation.



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