Fr. Gary M. Carr

Ordained: 1982
Status: Accused

Diocese: Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau MO

In 4/20 the diocese announced that its review board had determined that there was a “semblance of truth” to a recent allegation that, 30 years prior, Carr engaged in inappropriate contact with a boy, ages 10-13. Carr had been placed on leave with restricted ministry in 2008 due to “boundary violations.” Reportedly, parents reported to church authorities for years behavior including Carr’s parading around in a makeshift diaper at a grade school Mardi Gras party and wrestling shirtless with 5th grade boys. He retired in 11/19, a month after an allegation was reported. By 7/20 there were new credible allegations by three men that Carr sexually abused them as children in the 1980s and 1990s. In 7/20 Carr was living in St. Louis. On the Diocese of Little Rock’s list in 12/20, where he filled-in 10/20-10/30 at St. John the Baptist Latin Mass Community. Included on the Springfield-Cape Girardeau diocese’s 4/13/21 list of accused.

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