Fr. Michael J. Cody

Ordained: 1958
Status: Settled

Diocese: Archdiocese of Seattle WA

Admitted 1988 to sexually abusing about 20-40 prepubescent girls and 1 boy, most recently several years prior. File alleges multiple male victims, some in Pittsburgh diocese. Seattle archdiocese informed in 1962 that Cody had molested at least 8 girls; sent to Institute of Living for treatment. Assigned to 6 parishes during next 15 years,1964-79, then put on leave as unassignable. Moved to FL 1988. Sought ministry in Orlando diocese; faculties denied by Seattle. He proposed laicization but Seattle did not pursue. Moved to Las Vegas NV area. On recommendation of Review Board, laicized in 2005. Hubbard suit settled for $1.2M on 5/17/15 during trial. Archdiocese settled with 8 women for $9.1M as announced 3/23/16. Of them, Cody abused 6 when assigned to a Burlington WA parish 1968-72, and 2 while serving in Bellingham 1972-75. Died in 2015. Included on archdiocese’s list 1/15/16. Another settlement announced by Seattle archdiocese 11/18.

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