Fr. Roger Grundhaus

Ordained: 1966
Status: Settled

Diocese: Diocese of Crookston MN

Monsignor, Vicar General. Retired 2010. Publicly accused 5/17. A man seeking to train as a deacon said he told Bishop Hoeppner in 2010 that Grundhaus abused him in 1971 at age 16. The man sued Hoeppner and the diocese in 5/17, claiming Hoeppner told him to keep it quiet or he would not become deacon and that his priest-son’s career would be harmed. Hoeppner had him sign a letter in 2015 rescinding the allegation. The man said he signed it to protect his son. Diocese denied coercion; said they reported allegations to police in 2011. Man’s attorney said Grundhaus’ name was not on a court-ordered list of accused priests given to his office in 10/15. Grundhaus suspended 5/17. Diocese settled with the man in 9/17; no admission of wrongdoing by Hoeppner, as a condition of the settlement. Lawsuit naming Grundhaus settled 7/19. In 9/19 Grundhaus stated the incident occurred when the boy was 18, and was a misunderstanding. Hoeppner forced to resign per Pope’s Vos Estis in 4/21.

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