Fr. Anthony Thomas Jablonowski

Ordained: 1970
Status: Convicted

Diocese: Diocese of Cheyenne WY

Ordained for the Diocese of Covington, KY. Transferred in 1980 to the Diocese of Cheyenne, then in 2000 to the Diocese of Steubenville. Pled no contest in 2004 to charges of abusing a 17-year-old boy in 1982. Sentenced to 15 months to 7 years in prison. Privileges removed. Another accuser filed suit 3/05. Released from prison 7/05. Required to register as sex offender. Worked in several dioceses. On Tucson’s list of abusive priests, referred to as Steubenville priest. Laicization in 2006. Registered offender in FL as of 2010. Had been living in OH. On Steubenville diocese’s list 10/31/18. On Cheyenne diocese’s list 6/12/19. It notes four adolescent male victims, abuse occurring 1983-88. Laicized in 2006. On Glenmary Home Missioners list 10/11/19. Worked 1976-80 on loan to the order. On Charlotte diocese’s list 12/29/19. On Covington diocese’s list 7/31/20. On Lexington diocese’s list in 8/20. One known victim there at Lexington Catholic High in the early 1970s. On Atlanta’s list.

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