Fr. Daniel J. Kenney

Order: SJ
Ordained: 1963
Status: Accused

Diocese: Archdiocese of Omaha NE

Worked in WI, NE, MA, SD, Nairobi Kenya. Nicknamed “the Monkey Priest” because he carried around a monkey hand puppet. Named publicly as accused by the Omaha archdiocese on its list 11/30/2018. Allegation noted to have been received in 2012 of abuse 1985-1987. Reportedly there were eight allegations of child sexual abuse. Per the NE Attorney General’s report in 11/2021, in 1985 Kenney asked a boy age 13 or 14, to show him his penis size. Another man alleged that when he was a freshman at Creighton Prep, Kenney called him into confession and told him to lock the door and show him his penis to see if it was developing adequately. Kenney also reportedly stalked the boy. Removed in 1989 from Creighton Prep after a parent filed a report with Child Protective services. Removed in 2002. Included on the Jesuits Midwest Province list 12/17/2018. It notes multiple allegations of abuse, occurring while assigned to Creighton Prep 1980-1987. Permanently removed from public ministry. Living in a Jesuit community from 2003. Twelve more men told a newspaper reporter in 2019 that Kenney abused them as Creighton Prep students, with the same modus operandi. The Province’s 2/21/2020 revised list shows years of alleged abuse while at Creighton Prep as 1978-1987. Laicized 11/3/2020.

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