Deacon Thomas G. Kuhl

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Status: Settled

Diocese: Archdiocese of Baltimore MD

“Thom.” Ordained for the permanent diaconate in 1988. Taught religion at Our Lady of Pompei High School and Towson Catholic High School. Choir director. Had been arrested in the mid-1980s for the solicitation of an undercover police officer and fired from work at Sacred Heart Parish; hired at Our Lady of Pompei by Fr. Luigi Esposito, who was later credibly accused of abuse of a girl. In 3/2006 a man alleged abuse by Kuhl and another teacher, Eric Price, for two years when he was an Our Lady of Pompei student in the early- to mid-1990s, ages 14 to 15 or 16. The alleged victim believed there may have been other victims. Both teachers were immediately placed on leave. Esposito allowed Kuhl to participate in Holy Saturday and Easter services, which had been forbidden by the Archdiocese. The victim received a settlement of $28K in 2009. Kuhl later became a deacon in the Presbyterian Church. In 2011 a man alleged abuse beginning at age 15 by Kuhl, 1995-2005; he needed food and money, which Kuhl provided in exchange for sex. Kuhl also is said to have given the boy heroin to calm him down. The boy became addicted and was incarcerated off and on. Kuhl was laicized in 2015. Included in the 4/5/2023 MD Attorney General’s Report, which notes that Kuhl died in 2015.

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