Fr. John Joseph Mike, Jr.

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Ordained: 1975
Status: Convicted

Diocese: Archdiocese of Baltimore MD

In 1987 the mothers of two teenage boys, who were cousins, reported to the Archdiocese that the boys had recently suffered physical and sexual abuse by Mike. Faculties removed. Criminally charged for whipping a 17-year-old youth, hanging the youth upside down from a basketball backboard and striking him on the buttocks with a table tennis paddle. Mike admitted to Archdiocesan officials and lawyers to abusing the two boys, and to similar abuse of a boy at his previous parish. He said he told later credibly accused priest Joseph Maskell and a doctor, who kept it quiet. Sent to CT for treatment in 5/1987, diagnosed with “sexual sadism.” Another parent reported in 6/1987 likely abuse of their son, which the Archdiocese said was not reportable to police. This victim said in 2004 that Mike called him after his arrest and said not to anyone about the abuse because he was already in “big trouble.” Pleaded guilty in 9/1987. Sentenced to five years of supervised probation. In 10/1987 allowed parish ministry in CT. The Archdiocese tried to have him assigned in the Diocese of Erie, saying he could return to ministry in Baltimore after three years. The statute of limitations in MD at the time was three years from the age of maturity; Bishop Malooly said “we need to walk on eggshells until the early 1990s.” Mike did not end up going to Erie. Included in the 4/5/2023 MD Attorney General’s Report, noting that at least seven victims had come forward, all boys ages 13-17 when abused. Almost all reported that Mike perpetrated sadistic physical abuse against them for his own sexual gratification. Archdiocesan files show concern by officials only for the reputation of the church and Fr. Mike’s wellbeing, and no concern about child protection. Mike did not return to active ministry.

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