Fr. Francis A. Siler

Ordained: 1963
Status: Sued

Diocese: Diocese of Pittsburgh PA

First named publicly as accused in the 8/14/18 PA Grand Jury Report. Per the GJ, a St. Bernadine Clinic report alluded to “sexual problems with adolescents” in 1972, which prompted Siler’s transfer to another parish. In 1974 letter to the House of Affirmation Bishop Leonard wrote, “in the last three years the problem arose about which I spoke to you… .: A 1985 memo to Bishop Bevilacqua from a priest mentioned Siler making a pass at a young boy whose father was a policeman, which lead to Siler’s removal from the parish. In 1994 a man confronted Siler about molesting him as a boy; Siler was hospitalized for feeling suicidal then sent to St. Luke Institute Continuing Care Workshop. Notes from St. Luke said Slier had relapsed. Allegation in 1995 of sex abuse of a 2nd or 3rd grade St. Catherine’s altar boy (there 1975-76). Allegation in 12/02 of abuse of a boy 1972-73. Another allegation 11/11 of abuse of a boy 1972-74.Withdrew from active ministry 2002. Died 12/10/15. Suit filed 11/18.

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