Affidavit - Jane Mary McDonald, May 31, 2002

I, Mary Jane McDonald, of the City of Winnipeg, in the Province of Manitoba, MAKE OATH AND SAY THAT:

1. I am the Applicant in this Application. I have personal knowledge of the facts hereinafter deposed to by me, except where I state my belief and the information upon which that belief was founded. Where I state my belief upon information received, I verily believe such facts to be true. This Application pertains to a proposed action.

2. I have previously sworn an Affidavit in this matter on May 10, 2002. I am informed by my counsel and do verily believe that it has been filed in Court and served.

3. In my earlier Affidavit, I said that I first encountered the Respondent Wilfort in 1975, and that I applied to transfer to the Western Canada Province for one year. I said that I was transferred in September 1975 and spent the next year involved in a program called a "desert year" at the Congregation's Western Canada Provincial House in Edmonton, under the supervision of the Respondent Wilfort. I also commented on my further contacts with the Respondent Wilfort in the two following years after I returned to New England, and her invitation to join her in a new religious community in Lorette, Manitoba, which I joined in May 1978. I have explained what happened after that in my earlier Affidavit.

4. I was not initially comfortable with the Respondent Wilfort, and did not immediately trust her. However, in those years from 1975 to 1979, I felt increasing admiration and respect for the Respondent Wilfort. I felt that she was a good person, a spiritual person and a strong leader. She became a role model and personal hero. My feeling were reinforced by the respect shown to her by senior leaders in the Congregation and the Church. I felt a great deal of personal loyalty and affection towards her. When she began to counsel me, and when I went to the Lorette House in 1978, I trusted her completely, and I relied on her advice and guidance. I placed my emotional and spiritual well-being in hands.

5. My attitude and feelings changed after she sexually and physically abused me, as explained in my earlier Affidavit.

6. In my earlier Affidavit, I explained my work and my activities after leaving Homes for Growth, and I commented on my lack of energy and some of my feelings and emotions. I have been discussing those issues with my therapist Ms. Frankel, and trying to describe my experiences, feelings and emotions to her.

7. When I have talked to Ms. Frankel in therapy, I have often become emotional and cried, or been on the verge of tears. In many instances I have been depressed when I talked to her. When she asks me to talk about the sexual activitiy with the Respondent Wilfort, I change the subject. I have difficulty talking about it and I become sad and cry.

8. In my reflection on my life since 1979, I have realized that:

a. My mood is often depressed, and I am very sad,

b. My interest in taking care of myself decreased;

c. My interest in work is decreased, and I have felt less interest in my work. Many days I feel emotionally unable to do my work;

d. I have difficulty concentrating and have difficulty with simple mental tasks, even simple arithmetic. I have to struggle to read a book, due to lack of concentration. I was an avid reader before Homes for Growth, but for the last 15 years it has been a struggle;

e. At times I withdraw from friends, and I become isolated for extended periods of time. I have generally become more isolated;

f. I have lost belief in the goodness of other people;

g. I have lost the sense of my value as a human being;

h. I experience sleep disturbances and changes in appetite;

i. I am unable to sleep with any comfort if there is someone else in the same room;

j. I experience difficulty with the ability to focus and concentrate;

k. I am often very low on energy;

l. When I am very distressed I have suicidal thoughts;

m. I feel emotional but I am not able to cry openly because I do not trust anyone;

n. I am overwhelmed by grief over the friendships and opportunities lost while I isolated myself since 1979;

o. On many occasions I have intrusive memories of the Respondent Wilfort's sexual and physical assaults on me;

q. I often avoid going out or being in parts of the City where I believe I am likely to meet the Respondent Wilfort or anyone associated with her;

r. I feel as though the Respondent Wilfort were still a threat to my personal safety and integrity;

s. At times I experience significant anxiety, and I do not feel safe anywhere in Winnipeg outside my home;

t. I constantly feel like I am caught in trap that I cannot get out of;

u. I feel helpless that I will never feel safe again.

9. I have been discussing and sharing these recollections of my emotional and mental condition at various times with my therapist Ms. Frankel.

10. On several occasions after discussions with Ms. Frankel, especially the discussions in which I deal with the abuse itself, I have felt suicidal. I subsequently reported this to Ms. Frankel.

11. I make this Affidavit in good faith.

SWORN BEFORE ME at the City of Winnipeg in the Province of Manitoba, This 31st day of May, 2002 (Signature on Original) Jane Mary McDonald


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