Assignment Record– Rev. Saul Ayala

Summary of Case: In June 2002 an allegation of "sexual harassment and misconduct involving a minor" was filed with the church by a woman. Ayala was placed on leave. In September 2002 two sisters filed suit alleging Ayala abused them in 1988 and 1989 when they were ages 7 and 9, while he baby-sat them. Diocese settled with them for $30,000 in 2004. Ayala moved to Mexico shortly after he was placed on leave; he was possibly in active ministry there.

Ordained: 1971

Start Stop Assignment Town/Accusations State Position Notes
1972 1982         Not indexed in the 1973-1982 Directories


San Bernardino bishop was Phillip Francis Straling (1978-1995)

1984 St. Edward's Corona CA 4/4

St. Edward's had a school with 371-395 students.

1984 1986 St. Joseph's Barstow CA 2/2 St. Joseph's had a school with 223 students.
1984 1986 Our Lady of the Desert Baker CA  

This was a mission of St. Joseph's in Barstow.

1986 1989 Our Lady of Guadalupe

San Bernardino


CA 2/4, 2/2 Parish had a school with 112-140 students.
1986 1989 Holy Family


Named in a 2002 lawsuit as having molested two girls, sisters who were ages 7 and 9, in 1988 and 1989. (San Bernardino Sun [San Bernardino]
September 18, 2002) Their mother reported the abuse to Holy Family in 1988-1989, but nothing was done. (Press Enterprise [Riverside]
September 20, 2002)

    Sometimes served at this parish while at Our Lady of Guadalupe in San Bernardino.
1989 1990 St. Joseph's Fontana CA 3/3 St. Joseph's had a school with 228 students.
1990 1991         Ayala is not indexed in the 1991 Directory.


Straling was replaced as bishop by Gerald Richard Barnes (1995- )

1998 Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine Mecca CA 1/1, 2/2 Parish had a religious education program with 500 students.
1998 2002         Ayala is not indexed in the 1999-2002 Directories.
2002 2003  


Ayala was put on administrative leave in June 2002 after a woman reported that he was involved in "sexual harassment and misconduct involving a minor" about 20 years previously. (Press Enterprise [Riverside, CA]
June 25, 2002)

CA 1/1

Parish had a religious education program with 304 students. The 2003 Directory is the last in which Ayala appears.

Ayala moved to his native Mexico after being put on leave.
(Press Enterprise [Riverside CA]
April 23, 2004)

Source: Official Catholic Directory (New York: Kenedy & Sons, 1983-2003).

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