Rev. Edward F. Beutner

Ordained: 1965

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Bishop of Superior was George Albert Hammes (1960-1985)

1968 Cathedral of Christ the King


Accused of having sexaully abused four teen boys in the late 1960s, while he was at Christ the King. (Pioneer Press [Minnesota]
November 23, 2006)


Worked under Msgr. Alponse Kress and with Revs. William Cary, and William Green, as well as Revs. Robert Barranow, and Dennis Meulemans.

The Cathedral had an elementary school with 584 students.
1965 1968 St. Anthony Lake Nebagamon WI   St. Anthony's was a mission of the Cathedral of Christ the King.
1965 1968 St. Anne Blueberry WI  

St. Anne's was a mission of the Cathedral of Christ the King.







Diocesan Priest Senate Superior WI member  
1968 1970 Superior State College Superior WI Chaplain of Newman Club



John Joseph Carberry was St. Louis archbishop (1968-1979)

1971 St. Louis University St. Louis MO   The Official Catholic Directory indexes Beutner as "Absent on Leave". A 2006 legal complaint notes him to have been at SLU.
1969 1974 Diocesan Office of Vocations Superior WI    
1971 1975 River Falls State University River Falls WI Campus Minister  
1973 1974 St. Bridget's River Falls WI   Info. per news report.(River Falls Journal [Wisconsin]
November 29, 2006 )
1973 1974 St. Ann's Somerset WI   Info. per news report.(River Falls Journal [Wisconsin]
November 29, 2006 )
1974 1978 Assumption Superior WI

1/2, 1/1

The second priest, Rev. Eugene Teofilo, worked under Beutner 1974-1975.

Although the Official Catholic Directories show that Beutner began at Assumption in 1974, he is still listed as Chaplain at Wisconsin State University in River Falls 1974-1975.
1975 1978 Dean of Deanery Superior WI    
1976 1978 Diocesan Personnel Placement Board Superior WI    
1976 1978 Commission on Social Concern Superior WI member The Commission was part of the Wisconsin Catholic Conference
1978 1980 On Special Assignment ? ?   Whereabouts not noted in Directories.
1979 1982 Diocesan Office of Religious Education Cameron WI   Still indexed in Directories as on Special Assignment, and with an Office of Religious Education Cameron, WI P.O. Box 1980-1982.


Bishop of the Oakland diocese was John Stephen Cummins (1977-2003)

1986 Christian Brothers Concord CA   Listed in the Directories' diocesan pages at the Christian Brothers Residence.The Christian Brothers run a Concord high school, De La Salle.


Bishops of Santa Rosa were Mark Joseph Hurley (1969-April 1986), replaced by John Thomas Steinbock (Jan. 1987-Oct. 1991)

1987 Christian Brothers Napa CA   The Christian Brothers Retreat and Conference Center is located in Napa, as is Justin-Siena High School.


Raphael Michael Fliss was Bishop of Superior (1985-2007)

1988 SS. Peter and Paul Moquah WI 1/1  
1987 1988 St. Peter Dauby WI 1/1 St. Peter's was a mission of SS. Peter and Paul.
1987 1988 St. Florian Ino WI 1/1 St. Florian was a mission of SS. Peter and Paul.


San Jose Bishop was Roland Pierre DuMaine (1981-1999)

1991 Santa Clara University Santa Clara CA Campus ministry  
1991 1992 ? ? ?   Indexed in Directories as "awaiting assignment".
1992 1993 St. Anne Somerset WI In residence.

Pastor was David R. Lusson, and Deacon was A. Maurice Baillargeon.
1993 1995 Christian Brothers Concord CA    
1995 1999 Absent on Leave ? ?    
1999 2001 St. John Vianney Lake Tomahawk WI


Listed second, after Rev. James Hoffman.

1999 2001 Our Lady Queen of the Universe Woodruff WI


Listed second, after Rev. James Hoffman.

2001 2002 St. Thomas More Newman Center

River Falls


WI 1/1 The Newman Center was on the campus of the University of River Falls.
2002 2005 On Leave

Removed from priesthood in 2002 due to accusations of sexual abuse. (River Falls Journal [Wisconsin]
November 29, 2006)

• A woman stated she told Bishop Fliss in 2002 that she had been sexually abused by Beutner more than 10 years before.


As of 2006, Beutner is featured as a Fellow of the Westar Institute, on their website. The Institute noted him in 2006 to be a "retired priest". That phrase is not included in Beutner's profile on the site as of April 2008.

Beutner died January 26, 2008.

Source: Official Catholic Directory (New York: Kenedy & Sons, 1966-2005).

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