Assignment Record– Rev. John (Giovanni) Bocciarelli, C.S.

Summary of Case: A native of Placenza, Italy, John (Giovanni) Bocciarelli was a Scalabrinian priest (Congregation of Missionary Fathers of St. Charles ) ordained in 1945. He arrived in the U.S. in 1947, and worked in parishes in the diocese of Providence RI and Boston MA. In 1997 Bocciarelli was accused, along with Rev. Joseph Fugolo, of sexually abusing a 9 or 10-year-old boy in the late 1960s at a Somerville MA parish. Bocciarelli returned to Italy in either 1995 or 1997, and died there April 19, 1998.

Ordained: 1945
Died: April 19, 1998

Start Stop Assignment Town/Accusations State Position Notes


Providence bishop was Russell Joseph McVinney (1948-1971).

1953 Holy Ghost (Italian) Providence RI 3/5 Indexed but not listed at Holy Ghost in 1952 and 1953 Directories. Parish had a grade school with154-191 boys and 161-175 girls and a junior high with 55-60 boys and 70-55 girls. Appears in Directories prior to 1962 as Giovanni Bocciarelli, p.s.c.c. (Pious Society of the Missionaries of St. Charles, or "Scalabrinians". The initials c.s. also refer to the Scalabrinians.)


Boston archbishop was Richard James Cushing (1944-1970), followed by Humberto Sousa Medeiros (1970-1983).
1972 St. Anthony's (Italian)


The archdiocese received allegations in 1997 that Bocciarelli sexually abusing 9 or 10-year-old boy during 1967-1969 while at St. Anthony's. His accuser said Bocciarelli would "take him to his room, undress him and perform oral sex." The same person said Rev. Joseph Fugolo would photograph him naked. Fugolo denied the accusations.

MA 2/2, 1/1,1/2, 1/3, 1/2 St. Anthony's had a school starting in 1959 with 62-187 boys and 55-190 girls. Appears in 1962-1967 Directories as John Bocciarelli, p.s.c.c. and thereafter as John Bocciarelli, c.s. Indexed but not listed at St. Anthony's in 1972 Directory.


New York archbishop was Terence James Cooke (1968-1983).

1973 Scalabrinian Provincial Curia New York NY Third Consultor and Provincial Procurator The Provincial Curia was at 27 Carmine St., New York NY. Possible association with Our Lady of Pompeii, which was a c.s. parish. Bocciarelli not listed there, but parish's priests resided at 25 Carmine St.


McVinney was succeeded as Providence bishop by Louis Edward Gelineau (1971-1997).

1984 Holy Ghost (Italian) Providence RI 1/2 Holy Ghost had a school with 331-231 students and a daycare with 60-75 children.


Medieros was replaced by Bernard Francis Law (1984-2002).

1989 St. Anthony's (Italian)



MA 2/2 St. Anthony's had a school with 262-175 students.
1989 1997 St. Anthony's (Italian) Somerville MA  

St. Anthony's had a school with 204 students. Bocciarelli's name is not indexed beyond the 1997 volume of the Directory.

Bocciarelli's obituary states he returned to Italy in 1995, which may be incorrect. He died in Arco, Italy April 19, 1998.

Sources: Official Catholic Directory (New York: Kenedy & Sons, 1949-1997).

Docs produced by Boston Archdiocese: 1997 letter by Fugulo denying allegation
Docs produced by Boston Archdiocese: 1997 memo describing allegations
The Missing Names from Cardinal O'Malley's List of Accused Clerics, November 20, 2011

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