Rev. Aime Boisselle

Summary of case:
 Three men alleged in May 2002 that Boisselle sexually abused them as children at Ste. Marie Church in Manchester in the early 1960s. Per documents released by the NH Attorney General in March 2003  a college student complained that Boisselle seduced him in 1983, there were complaints in 1995 or 1996 about youths at rectory, and the diocese knew about encounters with adults at gay bars and parks. Some claims settled in November 2002. Boisselle died some time prior to 2019.

: 1959



Start Stop Assignment Town/Accusations State Position Notes


Manchester bishop was Matthew Francis Brady (1944-1959), followed by Ernest John Primeau (1959-1974)

1962 St. John the Baptist Suncook NH


Parish had a school with 204-183 boys and 187-183 girls.
1962 1967 St. Mary's


Accused in 2002 of having molested young boys at this parish. (Concord Monitor
March 4, 2003)

NH 3/4, 2/4

St. Mary's had a grade school with 257-242 boys and 272-257 girls, and a high school with 102-80 boys and 219-203 girls.

1962 1967 Holy Angels Manchester NH   This was a chapel of St. Mary's.
1962 1967 Our Lady of Lourdes Manchester NH  

This was a chapel of St. Mary's.

1967 1969 St. Joseph's Berlin NH



Parish had a school with 169-149 boys and 162-150 girls.
1967   Notre Dame High School



NH part time teacher Per personnel file.
1969 1970 St. Kathryn's Hudson NH temporary administrator  
St. Thomas Aquinas     temporary assistant pastor  
1970 1971 St. Edmund's Manchester NH 2/3 Parish had a school with 160 boys and 181 girls.


Primeau was replaced as bishop by Odore Joseph Gendron (1974-1990)

1980 St. Augustine's Manchester NH 2/3, 4/4, 3/4, 2/2 Parish had a school until 1972 with 160-237 boys and 181-241 girls. Boisselle is listed as "in residence" 1976-1980.
1973 1976 Sacred Heart Manchester NH chaplain, rencontre, residency, weekend ministry  
March 1976 June 1976 St. Kathryn's Hudson NH pastor Per personnel record, Boisselle resigned 6/16/76
July 1976 Oct. 1976 St. Aloysius Nashua NH temporary assistant pastor  
Oct. 1976   Sacred Heart Manchester NH chaplain, rencontre, residency, weekend ministry  
1977 1978 St. Joseph Jr. High School     coordinator of religious activities  
Oct. 1979 1980 Holy Rosary Hookset NH administrator  
Sept. 1980 Nov. 1980 Immaculate Conception Penacook NH administrator  


Gendron was replaced by Leo Edward O'Neil (1990-1997), followed by John Brendan McCormack (1998- )

2002 Sacred Heart


In 1983 a college student accused Boisselle of getting him drunk in the rectory and taking advantage of him sexually.

A woman reported in the mid 1990s that she saw a young teen boy, who was not wearing a shirt, through the kitchen window of the rectory at 1:00 a.m.
(Concord Monitor
March 4, 2003)

NH 1/1

Boisselle's personnel record shows he was on sick leave 8/10/92-3/23/93.

Boisselle resigned in May 2002 after he was accused of having sexually abused three boys in the early 60s. (Manchester Union Leader
May 21, 2002)
He is not indexed in the Directories after 2002.

Per the diocese in 2019, Boisselle is deceased

Source: Official Catholic Directory (New York: Kenedy & Sons, 1960-2002).

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