Rev. James D. Campbell, m.s.c.

Summary: Worked at parish in West Warwick, RI from 7/75 to 11/77 and as chaplain at Rhode Island Medical Center for Diocese of Providence at the same time. Placed on leave by Order in 2002 after allegations of abuse of boy in Worcester, MA received. Indicted 9/03 and convicted 2004 of rape of 2 teens. One victim was a girl. Sentenced 1/05 to 90 days in house of correction and 10 yrs probation. Laicization announced 3/05.

Ordained: 1972

Start Stop Assignment Town/Accusations State Position Notes
1972 1974 ? ?   Campbell not indexed or listed in the Official Catholic Directories.


Bishop of Toledo was John A. Donovan (1967-1980)

1975 Shelby Ohio Religious Center Shelby OH The Center is listed as the Adult Religious Education Center and Novitiate- Brothers' Juniorate of US Province of the Society of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.


Bishop of Providence was Louis E. Gelineau (1971-1997)


St. Joseph's

West Warwick

Pleaded guilty in 2004 to molesting a teen boy and a teen girl, both St. Joseph parishioners, in MA in 1975 and 1978 (Worcester Telegram & Gazette
December 23, 2004).


2/4 , 2/5

Pastor was Rev.Rev. Gerald J. Sommer, m.s.c. Listed after Campbell are Revs. Marcel Du Pont, m.s.c and Ronald Leinen, m.s.c. A fifth priest, Rev. Andrew J. Torma, m.s.c., joined them in 1976-1977.

St. Joseph's had a school with 253 students.


1975 1978 Institute of Mental Health Cranston RI


Revs. Marcel Du Pont, m.s.c; Ronald Leinen, m.s.c, Andrew J Torma, m.s.c , James D. Campbell, m.s.c.

1978   St. Margaret Mary Parish Center Barrio of Ciudad Kennedy, Bogota Colombia


Revs. Howard Fath, m.s.c., James Campbell, m.s.c., Joseph Jablonski, m.s.c.

The Directories index and list Campbell as in Bogota, but he is still also listed at St. Joseph's in West Warwick and the Institute of Mental Health in Cranston RI.
1978 1980? Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Center Barrio of Nueva Floresta, Cali, Valle Colombia


Revs. Thomas Carney, m.s.c.,Leo Petit, m.s.c., James Campbell, m.s.c.

1980 1982 ? ?     Campbell is not indexed or listed in the Directories.


Rockford Bishop was Arthur Joseph O'Neill (1968-1994)

1991 St. Therese of Jesus Aurora IL 1/1 St. Therese's had a school with 128-221 students.


Thomas George Doran replaced O'Neill as bishop (1994 -)

2000 Sacred Heart Monestery Aurora IL   Sacred Heart is listed in the Directories as the Provincial Administrative Office of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.
2000 2002 M.S.C. Foreign Missions

Marshall Islands


    Removed from active ministry in 2002, due to accusations (Providence Journal-Bulletin
March 21, 2005).


The Bishop of Allentown was Edward Peter Cullen (1997- 2009)

2003 Sacred Heart Villa

Center Valley



PA   Sacred Heart Villa is a
Retirement and Health Care Facility, and part of the Pennsylvania regional community of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.




Campbell no longer appears in Directories after 2003.

Campbell requested and was granted laicization in February 2005 (Pawtucket Times [West Warwick RI]
March 22, 2005).

Source: Official Catholic Directory (New York: Kenedy & Sons, 1973-2004).

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