Msgr. Anthony A. DeAngelis

On 2/14/94, a woman notified Robert N. McCarthy, the diocesan investigator, that she had been sexually abused by DeAngelis repeatedly in 1957-65, beginning when she was age 5 and attending the parish school. On 6/17/94 she also wrote to Bishop Louis E. Gelineau about the abuse, which is alleged to have occurred while DeAngelis was pastor of Sacred Heart (Italian) in West Warwick RI and a senior diocesan official in the Diocesan Tribunal, the Diocesan Building Commission, the Seminary Advisory Commission, and the Diocesan Administrative Council; he was named monsignor in 1959. DeAngelis died on 1/24/90. On 4/4/96, the diocese paid $12.5K to the survivor for therapy costs. She did not sign a confidentiality agreement. As of 12/2/07, a framed photograph of DeAngelis was hanging in the vestibule of Sacred Heart church.

Ordained: 1935
Diocese: Incardinated in the diocese of Providence.


Start Stop Assignment Town/Accusations State Position Notes
1935 1936 Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (Italian)




Revs. Louis D'Aleno, Pastor; Eugene Cormuto, A. DeAngelis, assts.




Bishops of Providence during DeAngelis' career were Francis P. Keough (1934-1947), Russell J. McVinney (1948-1971), Louis E. Gelineau (1971-1997).

Sacred Heart (Italian)

West Warwick (Natick)

• A woman notified the Providence diocese in 1994 that she was abused in 1957-65 by DeAngelis, beginning when she was a 5-year-old student at the parish school.


2/2,1/2, 1/3,
1/4, 1/1

From 1936-1944 DeAngelis worked under pastor, Rev.E. Cormuto. DeAngelis was pastor thereafter for 43 years. His assistant from 1944-1948 was Rev. Dominic Russillo. From 1948-1953 his assistant was Rev. Biago S. Turillo, who was then replaced by Rev. Albert J. Cerrito. Rev. Mario Del Signore joined them 1958-1959. Rev. Pasquale Rotondi arrived in 1960 and left in 1964.
Rev. Vincent J. Bartolini assisted from 1962-1964. Rev. Alfred W. Santagata arrived in 1964 and left in 1967. Rev. Edmond C. Micarelli spent 1966-1967 at Sacred Heart. Rev. William R. Macera was there that same year. In 1967-1968 priests who worked under DeAngelis were Domenic Raspallo and Archie Pezzullo, F.S.C.J. The year 1968-1969 the lone assistant was Rev. Robert A. Marcantonio and in 1969-1970 it was Rev. Rev. Joseph Santurri. DeAngelis was then the only priest until the arrival in 1973 of Rev. Dominic Lunghi, who was with him until his retirement in 1979.

Sacred Heart had a school with 68-170 boys and 75-180 girls. There is no mention of the school in the Directories after 1969.
















Micarelli was accused in the 1990s of having abused boys.

At least six men have accused Marcantonio of sexually abusing them when they were boys.





Diocesan Tribunal        
1959 1990 Monsignor        


Diocesan Building Commission        






Blessed Virgin Mary Sodality

1952 1969 Seminary Advisory Commission        


Committee of Vigilance        
1961 1970 Diocesan Administrative Council        
1964 1970 Dean of Kent County Deanery        
1964 1989 Ecumenical Commission        
1970 1974 Dean of Pawtuxet Valley        
1976 1983 Insurance Commission        
1979 1990 Monsignor DeAngelis Manor

West Warwick RI


Died Jan. 24, 1990


Source: Official Catholic Directory (New York: Kenedy & Sons, 1936-1990); Silent No More: Wellesley Woman Goes Public with Her Accusations against a Former Priest, by Carmella Maffeo, Wellesley Townsman (July 4, 2002); Speech for Providence RI Solidarity March, by Ann Hagan Webb (March 16, 2003); Victims' Group Brings Message to WW Church, by Michelle A. Carrier-Migliozzi, Kent County Times (November 30, 2007).

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