Assignment Record– Rev. Louis M. Diogo

Summary of Case: Retired and moved out of state 1993 after his cousin told the diocese he had abused her and her sister in the 1950s and 1960s. Never charged criminally but diocese found the woman to be credible. In 2005 the diocese learned from the woman that he had returned to R.I. and was saying mass. The diocese immediately told him that he could not say mass or function as a priest.

Ordained: 1946

Start Stop Assignment Town/Accusations State Position Notes


Francis P. Keough was Providence Bishop (1934-1947), followed by Russell J. McVinney (1948-1971).

1954 ? ? ? Not indexed in Official Catholic Directories during these years.



1957 St. Anthony's (Portuguese) River Point RI

1/1 ,2/2

From 1955-1957 Diogo worked under Rev. Manuel Rego.

St. Anthony's had a school with 125-150 boys and 114-144 girls.

Diogo is listed in OCDs as Louis de M. Diogo.

1957 1964 St. Francis Xavier

East Providence

Accused in 1993 of having abused his young female cousins in the 1950s and 1960s. (WPRI Channel 12
November 11, 2005)



Pastor was Rev. Manuel Rego. Third priest was Rev. Victor E. Reis.

Parish had a school with 128-264 boys and 98-241 girls.
1964 1965 Church of Jesus Saviour Newport RI


Diogo worked under Rev. Joseph A Cardoza, Administrator.

1965 1972 Our Lady of the Rosary (Portuguese) Providence RI

1/2, 1/1

Diogo is listed as Administrator. In residence 1965-1966 was Rev. Fernando Veiga, c.m. Working under Diogo was Rev. Gerard L. Claessens 1966-1968, and Rev. Daniel J. McCarthy 1969-1971.



Louis E. Gelineau was Bishop of Providence diocese (1971-1997).

1993 St. Elizabeth's (Portuguese) Bristol RI

1/1, 1/2, 2/2, 1/3, 1/4

Diogo is listed first every year except 1978-1980, when he is second after Rev. Antonio de Sousa. Diogo is the only priest 1972-1974, 1975-1978, 1989-1990. Rev. Jose M. de Sousa, c.s.sp. worked under Diogo 1974-1975. Rev. Antonio de Sousa was the second priest after Diogo 1980-1987. Rev. Patrick Soares, c.s.sp. was the third priest 1981-1984. Rev. John C. Baker was the last priest listed 1982-1987. From 1987-1989 the second priest was Rev. Roberto de Serpa. In 19871988 a third priest was Rev. John E. Abreu. Rev. Douglas Grant was third priest 1988-1989. Second priest 1990-1993 was Rev. Dennis J. Kiton, and third priest during these years was Rev. David E. Green.

St. Elizabeth's had a school with 404-210 students.


Robert E. Mulvee was Bishop of Providence (1997-2005).

2000 Retired



MA   Left his parish and RI after his cousins reported he abused them as children. (WPRI Channel 12
November 11, 2005)
2000 2005 St. Francis Xavier East Providence RI   Retired and living in rectory.


Thomas Joseph Tobin succeeded Mulvee (2005- ).

2006 ?




Retired with Providence chancery mailing address.

Ordered to stop saying mass after nieces discovered in 2005 he was back in RI at St. Francis Xavier. (Providence Journal
November 12, 2005)

2006 2007 St. Joseph's Providence RI   Retired and living at St. Joseph's.

Source: Official Catholic Directory (New York: Kenedy & Sons, 1946-2007).

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