Assignment Record– Rev. Francis E. "Frank" Duffy, s.j.

Summary of Case: Ordained a Jesuit of the Oregon Province in 1943, Duffy's ministry took him from California to Washington state, Montana and Oregon. He died in 1992. In the early 2000s, accusations began to surface against Duffy. He has been accused of sexually abusing at least five girls, ages 6 to 12, in the 1960s and '70s, and a "vulnerable adult" woman in the late 1980s. The abuses are said to have occurred while Duffy worked in Oregon and Washington state. He has been the subject of multiple lawsuits.

: 1943
Died: Dec. 1, 1992


Start Stop Parish/Assignment Town/Accusations State/Country Position Notes


San Francisco archbishop was John Joseph Mitty (1935-1961).

1944 Alma College Alma CA    


Spokane bishop was Charles Daniel White (1926-1955).

1945 Gonzaga University Spokane WA    


Seattle bishop was Gerald Shaughnessy, S.M. (1933-1950).

1946 Manresa Hall Port Townsend WA Tertianship  


Great Falls bishop was William Joseph Condon (1939-1967).

1948 St. Paul's Indian Mission Hays MT 1/2 St. Paul's had a day school with 159-166 students, and a religious vacation school with 27 students.
1946 1948 St. Thomas' Lodge Pole MT   This was a mission of St. Paul's Indian Mission in Hays.

St. Thomas' had a religious vacation school with 61 students.
1946 1948 St. Joseph's Zortnan MT  

This was a mission of St. Paul's Indian Mission in Hays.

St. Joseph's had a religious vacation school with 12 students.

1946 1948   Landusky MT   This was a station of St. Paul's Indian Mission in Hays.


Thomas Arthur Connolly succeeded Shaughnessy (1950-1975). Seattle became an archdiocese in June 1951.

1954 Bellarmine High School Tacoma WA   Bellarmine had 376-325 students, all male.
1954 1955 Gonzaga University Spokane WA    


Portland archbishop was Edward Daniel Howard (1926-1966).

1958 Novitiate of St. Francis Xavier Sheridan OR    
1958 1959 Jesuit Provincial Residence Portland OR Jesuit Seminary Association Assistant Director  
1959 1968 Jesuit High School


Duffy was accused in a 2007 lawsuit of having sexually abused a 7 or 8-year-old Oregon girl in the mid-1960s, along with accused Rev. James Poole, s.j. The abuse is said to have occurred during the priests' visits to the girl's home.


Jesuit High had 380-522 students.


has been the subject of multiple allegations of sexual abuse of young girls.

1968 1970 St. Luke's


Duffy was accused in separate 2002 lawsuits of having sexually abused two girls, ages 6 and 7, in 1967 and 1968. The girls were sisters, and the abuse is said to have occurred at Duffy's residence.

OR 1/3, 2/3 St. Luke's had a school with 282-234 students.
    Mount Angel Abbey St. Benedict OR  

Mt. Angel Abbey is a Benedictine Monastery and Seminary School.

This assignment is per news reports.

1968 1970 St. Agnes' Hubbard



  St. Agnes' was a mission of St. Luke's in Woodburn.


Yakima bishop was Cornelius Michael Power (1969-1974).

1979 St. Joseph's


Duffy was accused in a 2010 lawsuit of molesting an 8-year- old female St. Joseph's student in 1977.

Another woman emerged in 2013 with accusations that Jesuits Duffy, Poole, and John Morse sexually abused her when she was 8 to 12 years-old in the 1970s, and a St. Joseph's school student.


5/5, 6/6, 4/4, 5/6, 8/9

The 1976-1978 Directories indicate that Duffy was involved with the Spanish-speaking apostolate.

St. Joseph's had a school with 194-350 students.
1979 1989 St. Peter the Apostle Retreat Center


A woman reported to the Yakima diocese in 2008 that she had been sexually abused by Duffy in the late 1980s, when she was a "vulnerable adult."

WA 2/3, 2/2  
1989 1990         Duffy is not indexed in the 1990 Directory.


Portland archbishop was William Joseph Levada (1986-1995).

1991 Jesuit High School Portland OR In residence. Jesuit High had 472 students.


Spokane bishop was William Stephen Skylstad (1990-2010).

1992 Regis Community Spokane WA    
1992   Gonzaga University Spokane WA   Duffy died Dec. 1, 1992.


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