Assignment Record– Rev. William J. Fletcher

Ordained: 1944

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1945 St. Joseph's College Mountain View CA

A William J. Fletcher, s.s. is listed at St. Joseph's in Official Catholic Directory. There are no previous entries for a William J. Fletcher.

A 2006 news article indicates Fletcher was ordained in 1944, as he is said to have been a priest for 44 years, and he died in 1988. (Connecticut Post
July 26, 2006)

1945 1946 St. Mary's Seminary Baltimore MD   William J. Fletcher is listed at St. Mary's in the Directory, without the s.s. suffix.
1946 1948 St. Joseph's College Mountain View CA   Listed in Directories as William J. Fletcher, s.s.
1948 1951 St. Mary's Seminary Baltimore MD   William J. Fletcher, s.s. is not indexed, but is listed in the diocesan pages of the Directories as at St. Mary's. Hereafter, the name is consistently indexed and listed without the s.s. suffix.


Bishop of Hartford diocese was Henry J. O'Brien (1945-1968). The Hartford diocese was divided in 1953, and the Bridgeport diocese was established. Lawrence J. Shehan was Bishop of Bridgeport. (1953-1961)

1953 St. Mary's Newington CT 2/2  
1953 1955 Sacred Heart Bridgeport CT 2/3

Sacred Heart had a school with 641 students.

1955 1958 St. Joseph's Danbury CT 3/3 St. Joseph's had a school with 713-810 students.


Bishop of Bridgeport was Walter W. Curtis (1961-1988)

1963 St. Thomas Fairfield CT 2/3 St. Thomas' had a school with 615-652 students.
1963 1968 St. Margaret Mary's


Accused in 2006 of having sexually abused a 7-year-old girl while at this parish. (Connecticut Post
July 26, 2006)

CT 1/1, 1/2 St. Margaret Mary's had a school with 226-370 students.
1968 1972 Absent on sick leave        
1972 1985 Sacred Heart University Fairfield CT Per news accounts, Fletcher taught anthropology and sociology at Sacred Heart and chaired SHU's cultural affairs committee.  
1985 1987         Fletcher is not indexed or listed in Directory for these years.
1987 1988 Sacred Heart University Fairfield CT   Died April 14, 1988

Source: Official Catholic Directory (New York: Kenedy & Sons, 1944-1988).

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