Assignment Record – Rev. Gerald Allen Funcheon, o.s.c.

Summary of Case: Ordained a Crosier priest in 1965, Funcheon was moved many times during his career with assignments in Indiana, Nebraska, Minnesota, Florida, Texas, Hawaii, California, and on military bases in the United States and Germany. He left the Crosiers in the 1980s and continued to work as a priest for the Indiana diocese of Lafayette. Funcheon has admitted to sexually abusing numerous children, and accusations span the length of his decades of active ministry. Documents show that Funcheon's superiors had concerns about his interest in young boys as far back as his time as a seminarian. In 2003 the pastor of a parish where Funcheon served in the early 1970s stated, "The picture I now have is of a predator who has potentially hundreds of direct and indirect victims here at St. Odilia alone." In 1994 Funcheon was said by Lafayette bishop Higi to be "unassignable". Funcheon was sent to treatment at the Vianney Renewal Center in Missouri and given retirement status. He spent the late 1990s in Washington state with his ailing mother, was in Florida in the early 2000s, and sometime after 2002 he returned to the Vianney Center, where he was known to be living in March 2013.

Ordained: 1965
Retired: 1995


Start Stop Parish/Assignment Town/Accusations State/Country Position Notes

Fall 1958

Boston archbishop was Richard James Cushing (1944-1970)

  Seminary Boston (Brighton) MA seminarian  


Lincoln bishop was James Vincent Casey (1957-1967).

1960 Crosier Novitiate Hastings NE novice  
1959 1960 St. Cecilia High School Hastings NE    
1959 1960 Hastings High School Hastings NE    

Summers including 1965, 1966

Ft. Wayne bishop was Leo Aloysius Pursley (1956-1976).

  Catholic Youth Organization Camp


A man claimed in a 2007 lawsuit that when he was a 10 year-old boy in the summer of 1965 he was repeatedly sexually assaulted, battered and molested by Funcheon. at the Lake Wawasee CYO camp.

IN camp director

Funcheon spent six summers working at this camp.

When Funcheon was a fourth year theology student in 1965, a Crosier official observed of him, "Almost his sole interest is young boys."

Aug. 26, 1965


1966 Immaculate Conception Monastery Hastings NE  



  Boy Scouts Warsaw IN chaplain  



1968 Our Lady of the Lake Seminary Syracuse IN teacher; athletic director  
1968 1970 Wawasee Prep. and Minor Seminary/Wawasee Prep. Syracuse IN The minor seminary had 87 seminarians in 1968-1969, and 53 prep. student. Wawasee Prep. had 130 students in 1969-1970.


St. Paul and Minneapolis archbishop was Leo Binz (1961-1975).

1974 St. Odilia's


Funcheon was accused in a 2003 lawsuit of having sexually abused a boy at St. Odilia's from 1971-1974, beginning when the boy was 11 years-old. Funcheon was said to have been the boy's religion, sex eucation and physical education teacher. The lawsuit also said that Funcheon kept in his school office a popcorn maker, bean bags and television for "entertaining boys privately". Funcheon's accuser said the abuse occurred at the school and church, in Funcheon's rectory bedroom and during trips on which Funcheon would take boys from the school.

Another man in 2003 said that he, too, was sexually abused as a boy by Funcheon during a sleepover with three other boys at St. Odilia's rectory, in the 1970s.

A third man came forward in the 2000s with claims that Funcheon sexually abused him as a boy at St. Odilia's.

In a Nov. 2014 lawsuit Funcheon was accused of sexually abusing four boys, from 1970-1974. The boys were St. Odilla parishioners and students.


4/4, 2/4

Funcheon also worked at the YMCA while at St. Odilia's.

St. Odilia's had a school with 520-448 students.

In 2003 St. Odilia's pastor wrote in a letter regarding Funcheon, "The picture I now have is of a predator who has potentially hundreds of direct and indirect victims here at St. Odilia alone. I believe much more will come to light, including more lawsuits."

1974 1975         In the 1975 Directory Funcheon is indexed as at St. Odelia's, but he is not listed as there in the St. Paul-Minneapolis archdiocesan pages.
1973 1975 Wawasee Prep. and Minor Seminary/Wawasee Prep. Syracuse IN teacher; prefect of discipline This assignment is per news reports.


Miami archbishop was Coleman Francis Carroll (1958-1977).

1976 Our Lady of Martyrs Ft. Lauderdale FL 2/3 Our Lady of Martyrs had a school with 575 students.
1975 1976 St. Thomas Aquinas Ft. Lauderdale FL    


Ft. Wayne bishop was William Edward McManus (1976-1985).

1978 Crosier House Ft. Wayne IN   Funcheon is listed under "Priests in Residence Elsewhere".


U.S. Military Ordinariate bishop was Terence James Cooke (1968-1983).

1977 U.S. Air Force Lackland TX chaplain Funcheon also coached basketball for 12-15 year olds during this time.
1976 1977 Wilford Hall Medical Center San Antonio TX chaplain  
1977   U.S. Air Force Ramstein Germany chaplain  
1978 1979         Funcheon is not indexed in the 1979 Directory.


St. Cloud bishop was George Henry Speltz (1968-1987).

1982 Crosier Monastery and Seminary Onamia MN freshman/sophomore prefect; drivers ed., religion and swimming teacher The address given is 930 31st Ave, N.St. Cloud, MN.
1980 1982 Cathedral High School St. Cloud MN chaplain  
1980 1982 St. John XXIII Middle School St. Cloud MN chaplain  


St. Paul-Minneapolis archbishop was John Robert Roach (1975-1995).

1982 Air National Guard Minneapolis-St. Paul MN unit chaplain  
1982 1985         Funcheon is not indexed in the 1983-1985 Directories.
1982 1984 Air National Guard Honolulu HI chaplain  
1982 1984 Irish Christian Brothers Honolulu HI chaplain  


Honolulu bishop was Joseph Anthony Ferrario (1982-1993).

1984 Damien Memorial High School


By Feb. 2012 Funcheon was the subject of at least three accusations of child sexual abuse stemming from his time at Damien Memorial.

In May 2012 another former Damien High student accused Funcheon in a lawsuit of having sexually abused him. This accuser said the abuse occurred when he was 13 years-old, on an overnight retreat.

Two more former Damien students accused Funcheon in a March 2013 lawsuit of sexually abusing them "multiple times" in the early 1980s.

HI chaplain; counselor; teacher

This assignment is per news reports.

Damien parents met with the school principal to express concerns about Funcheon's inappropriate behavior. Funcheon was subsequently transferred out of the school.

Funcheon worked at "numerous Honolulu parishes" on weekends.


Monterey bishop was Thaddeus Anthony Shubsda (1982-1991).

1985 Palma High School


Per a Feb. 2012 announcement, Funcheon was accused of sexually abusing at boy during his time at Palma High.

A second man filed suit in March 2012 with the claim that Funcheon sexually abused him when the man was a Palma High student in 1984-1985.

By March 2013 five men had come forward with claims that Funcheon sexually abused them when they were Palma students in the 1980s. One of them said he may have been drugged prior to being sexually assaulted in 1984 by Funcheon.

Funcheon was accused in a Nov. 2014 lawsuit of sexually abusing a 14-year-old boy in 1984, during a camping trip.

CA chaplain; teacher

This assignment is per news reports.

Funcheon is said to have arrived at Palma High "with the blessings of Bishop Thaddeus Shubsda and his own Crosier provincial", after he was accused in Hawaii.


St. Paul-Minneapolis archbishop was John Robert Roach (1975-1995).

April 21, 1986 St. Stephen's Anoka MN 3/4

St. Stephen's had a school with 480 students.

Funcheon's assignment here was terminated in April 1986.


Lafayette bishop was William Leo Higi (1984-2010).

1988 St. Ann's Lafayette IN 2/2 In residence. Funcheon was terminated from the Crosier order May 23, 1987, and incardinated into the Lafayette diocese July 31, 1987.
1988 1989 St. Joan of Arc's Kokomo IN 3/3 St. Joan of Arc's had a school with 247 students.
1989 1991 St. Lawrence's

Muncie IN 3/3, 2/2 St. Lawrence's had a school with 247-158 students.
1991 1993 St. Mary's


Funcheon wrote in a letter to a newspaper that he was removed from ministry because a family accused him of planning to molest their son.

IN 1/1 In a 1992 memo Rev. Bob Rossi, o.s.c. documents a phone call between himself and Lafayette diocese Chancellor, Rev. Bob Sell. Per the memo, Funcheon was to report soon to St. Michael's - a Servants of the Paraclete treatment center in St. Louis. Funcheon had told the bishop that he'd engaged in "improper touch" with around 50 "young men", ages 10-16. Rossi agreed to send pertinent documents from Funcheon's file to Sell, who promised to shred them after reading. Sell also asked about the statute of limitations in Minnesota. Rossi referred Sell to Fr. Kevin McDonough of the St. Paul archdiocese, from whom Rossi was seeking advice about handling the allegations against Funcheon.
1993 1994         Funcheon is not indexed in the 1994 Directory.



1995 Unassigned       Lafayette bishop Higi told St. Louis archbishop Rigali in 1994 that Funcheon was "unassignable" and "the situation was not public."


St. Louis archbishop was Justin Francis Rigali (1994-2003).

1997 Retired Dittmer MO   The address given is for the Vianney Renewal Center. The Center was a home for "troubled" priests, run by the Servants of the Paraclete.


Yakima bishop was Carlos Arthur Sevilla, s.j. (1996-2011).

2000 Retired Richland WA   A 2013 Google search shows the address given to be that of an Assisted Living center for seniors. Per news reports, Funcheon was in the Northwest caring for his invalid mother.


St. Petersburg bishop was Robert Nugent Lynch (1995-).

2002   New Port Richey FL   Funcheon is not indexed beyond the 2002 Directory.
St. Louis archbishop Rigali was succeeded by Raymond Leo Burke (2003-2008), followed by Robert James Carlson (2009-). 2013 Vianney Renewal Center Dittmer MO  

In Sept. 2012 testimony Funcheon admitted to molesting children while a priest.

In March 2013 Funcheon was known to be living at the Vianney Renewal Center for troubled priests in Dittmer, MO.


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