Sr. Norma Giannini, r.s.m.

Summary of Case: Giannini pleaded no contest in 2007 to having sexually abused two boys, ages 12 and 13, while she was their teacher and principal at a Milwaukee school in the 1960s. One of the victims said he knew of at least 12 other boys who had been abused by Giannini, one who later died by suicide. Giannini was sentenced to a year in jail and ten years probation. She was released in April 2009, and died April 18, 2011.

First Vows
: 1946

Retired: 2002
Died: April 18, 2011


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Chicago archbishop was Samuel Alphonsius Stritch (1939-1958)

1949 Sisters of Mercy Chicago IL Giannini entered the convent in 1946, at age 18.
1949   St. Paul of the Cross' Park Ridge IL Teacher  
    St. Catherine's West Dundee IL Teacher  
    St. Ita's Chicago IL Teacher  
    St. Catherine's Oak Park IL Teacher  
Stritch was succeeded by Albert Gregory Meyer (1958-1965) 1964 St. Finbarr's Chicago IL Teacher  


Milwaukee archbishop was William Edward Cousins (1958-1977)


1969 St. Patrick's


Giannini was convicted in 2007 of sexually abusing two boys, ages 12 and 13, while she was their teacher and principal at St. Patrick's school in the 1960s. One of the victims said he knew of at least 12 other boys who had been abused by Giannini, and that one later died by suicide. (Chicago Tribune
February 2, 2008)

WI Teacher, Principal,
Religious Superior for the convent


Chicago archbishop was John Patrick Cody (1965-1982)

1972 Christ the King Chicago IL    
1972 1976 Mother McAuley High School Chicago IL Teacher and Dean  
1976   Litttle Flower Chicago (South Side) IL    


Cody was succeeded by Joseph Louis Bernardin (1982-1996)

1983 Mother McAuley High School Chicago IL clerical role  
1983 1989 St. Clare de Montefalco Chicago (Garfield Ridge) IL Principal  
1989 1994? Holy Redeemer Evergreen Park IL Principal until Dec. 1992 Giannini was removed from service in Dec. 1992 when emerged that she had sexually abused boys in Milwaukee in the 1960s. She was treated at a St. Louis facility. Giannini returned to her order in IL and was no longer allowed to work with minors. (Chicago Tribune
December 6, 2006)
1994?   St. Xavier's

Chicago IL   Did volunteer work here after knee surgery. (Piasecki Testimony Sept. 26, 2006)


Bernardin was replaced by Francis Eugene George, O.M.I. (1997- )

          Giannini admitted to a Milwaukee archdiocesan review board that she had sexually abused the two boys at St. Patrick's in the 1960s, plus four others. (Piasecki Testimony Sept. 26, 2006)
2002 2006 Retired Oak Lawn IL    
2006 2009        

Charges were filed in Dec. 2006 for the sexual abuse in the 1960s of the two boys at St. Patrick's. Giannini pleaded no contest in Nov. 2007. (WISN
November 12, 2007) She was sentenced in Feb. 2008 to a year in the House of Corrections and 10 years probation. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
February 1, 2008)

Giannini was released from jail in April 2009 and was living in Wisconsin until she could find housing in Illinois. (WISN
April 23, 2009)

She was last known in 2011 to have been living in Omaha, NE.

Giannini died April 18, 2011.


Sources: Chicago Tribune February 2, 2008; Chicago TribuneDecember 6, 2006; Piasecki Testimony Sept. 26, 2006; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel February 1, 2008; WISN November 12, 2007; WISN April 23, 2009

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