Assignment History– Rev. Charles J. Gormly

Summary of Case: Born in Ireland, Charles J. Gormly was ordained for the Cheyenne WY diocese in 1935. He left the diocese in the mid-1940s. His whereabouts until 1960 are unclear, but there are indications he was in the Diocese of Crookston MN for at least some of that time, as well as in treatment at Via Coeli in Jemez Springs NM. Letters written by Bishop Francis Schenk in 1960 and 1961 stated Gormly had a history of molesting small girls and that, despite his poor "record in Crookston," he wanted to give Gormly "one more chance." Schenk was bishop in Crookston until 1959, when he was appointed to the Duluth diocese. He allowed Gormly to work under him in Duluth from July 1960 until June 1961, at which time Gormly was removed and sent to a Milwaukee WI hospital for psychiatric treatment. Gormly was thereafter absent on leave. He died in January 1968. In a 2014 lawsuit, Gormly was accused of sexually abusing a girl while assigned to a parish in the Diocese of Duluth during 1960-61.

: May 26, 1935
Died: January 11, 1968


Start Stop Assignments Town/Accusations State Position Notes


Diocese of Cheyenne

Bishop was Patrick Aloysius Alphonsus McGovern (1912-1951).

1935 1938 Our Lady of Sorrows Rock Springs WY 2/2  
1938 1941 St. Paul Pine Bluffs WY 1/1  
1941 1942 Holy Rosary Lander WY 1/1  
2/43 5/44 St. Lawrence/Laurence O'Toole Laramie WY 2/2  
5/44 1946         Gormly is not indexed in the 1945 or 1946 Directories.


Diocese of Cheyenne

Hubert Michael Newell succeeded McGovern as bishop (1951-1978).

1960 Absent on Leave        


Diocese of Crookston

Bishop Francis Joseph Schenk (1945-1960).



Bishop Schenk wrote in a 1961 letter of Gormly's "problem which prompts him to molest small girls" and that "the same pattern showed up" in Crookston.


Bishop Schenkindicated in letters that Gormly worked under him in the Crookston diocese. Per Schenk's July 6, 1960 letter to Gormly's bishop in Cheyenne WY (Gormly was never incardinated elsewhere), Gormly spent "quite a lot of time" at Via Coeli in Jemez Springs NM [for treatment]. Nonetheless, Schenk wanted to give Gormly "one more chance."


Diocese of Duluth

Bishop was Francis Joseph Schenk (1960-1969).

8/18/60 St. James Duluth MN   Gormly lived in the parish rectory.
7/23/60 8/18/60 St. Lawrence Duluth MN Assistant Pastor


7/23/60 8/18/60 St. Raphael Duluth MN Assistant Pastor  
8/18/60 6/23/61 St. Francis of Assisi


Gormly was accused in a 2014 lawsuit of sexually abusing a 12 or 13-year-old girl while assigned to St. Francis.

MN 4/4 Gormley was removed from this parish and sent to St. Michael's hospital in Milwaukee WI for psychiatric care.


Diocese of Cheyenne

Bishop was Hubert Michael Newell succeeded McGovern as bishop (1951-1978).

1968 Absent on Leave       Depsite his work elsewhere, Gormly remained officially a priest of the Cheyenne diocese. He died January 11, 1968.

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Sources: Official Catholic Directory (Kenedy & Sons, 1938-1967).

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Gormly documents,

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