Rev. John A. Howlett, s.a.c.

Ordained: 1947

Ordained for the Pallottine's in Ireland. In Lubbock, TX by 1960. Accused by several women of abusing them as children. Diocese of Ft. Worth first learned of allegations in the 1980s. Claims arose again in 1993. Diocese settled withat least one alleged victim. Returned to the Pallottines in Dublin, Ireland. Faculties removed, under supervision.

Start Stop Assignment Town/Accusations State Position Notes
1947 1960 ?        


Bishop of Amarillo was John Louis Morkovsky (1958-1963), followed by Lawrence Michael De Falco (1963-1979)

1965 St. Joseph's Lubbock TX


Pastor was Rev. Kevin Clarke, s.a.c. Second priest 1960-1961 was Rev. Aidan Donlon, s.a.c. In that spot 1961- 1965 was Rev. George Buckley, s.a.c.

1960 1962 St. Patrick's Lubbock TX  

St. Patrick's was a mission of St. Joseph's during these years.

1960 1965 St. Michael's Ralls TX   St. Michael's was a mission of St. Joseph's in Lubbock.
1962 1965   Lorenzo TX  

Lorenzo was a station of St. Joseph's in Lubbock

1962 1965   Crosbyton TX   Crosbyton was a station of St. Joseph's in Lubbock.
1965 1966 St. Patrick's Lubbock TX


Howlett worked under Rev. James J. Daly, s.a.c.

1965 1966 St. Vincent Pallotti Lubbock TX   St. Vincent's was a mission of St. Patrick's.
1965 1966   Idalou TX   Idalou was a station of St. Patrick's.
1966 1971? St. Francis of Assisi Abilene TX

2/2, 2/3, 1/2

Howlett worked under Very Rev. Thomas Leahy, s.a.c., until he was moved to the first spot 1969-1970. Last priest listed 1968-1970 was Rev. Jeremiah Keogh.

The 1971 Directory indexes Howlett at this parish, but he is not listed there in the diocesan pages. Rev. Bernard Gully is the only priest listed at St. Francis of Assisi in the 1971 Directory.
1966 1970 Our Mother of Mercy Merkel TX   This was a mission of St. Francis of Assisi in Abilene.
1971? 1977 St. Anthony's Brownfield TX


Howlett worked under Rev. Aidan Maguire, s.a.c.

1971? 1975 St. Paul's Seagraves TX   St. Paul's was a mission of St. Anthony's in Brownfield.
1975 1977 Sacred Heart Plains TX   Sacred Heart was a mission of St. Anthony's in Brownfield.
1975 1977 Catechetical Center Meadow TX   This was a mission of St. Anthony's in Brownfield.


Ft. Worth bishop was John Joseph Cassata (1969-1980) followed by Joseph Patrick Delaney (1981-2005)

1984 St. Mary's


A woman told Bishop Delaney in the mid 1980s that Howlett had been molesting her two young daughters, possibly "many times" since 1981. (Star-Telegram [Fort Worth TX]
November 29, 2006)

TX 1/1  
1984 1985 St. Brendan Stephenville TX


Howlett worked under Rev. Philip McNamara, s.a.c.



Detroit archbishop was Edmund Casimir Szoka (1981-1990), followed by Adam Joseph Maida (1990-2009)

1993? Pallottine Fathers Wyandotte MI Rector of this center for Pallottines was Rev. William Costigan, s.a.c. 1985-1987, and it was Rev. Stephen Keogh, s.a.c. 1987-1992. Also there during these years were Revs. Thomas J. Moloney, s.a.c., Michael Gormley, s.a.c., and Bro. Faustino Perez, s.a.c. Rev. Richard Gorecki, s.a.c. was there 1987-1990.

The 1991 and 1992 Directories index Howlett as having been ordained in 1947.

Howlett is indexed but not listed at the Pallottine Fathers in MI in the 1993 Directory.

The Ft. Worth diocese and Pallottine order agreed in 1993 to pay for counseling and living expenses for the two sisters who had been sexually abuse as little girls by Howlett in Texas in the 1980s. Rev. Philip McNamara, s.a.c. indicated to Rev. Robert Wilson, former Ft. Worth chancellor, that once the statutes of limitations ran out in 1994, they would no longer be at risk for being sued by the family. He expressed relief in Dec. 1994 that "we seem to have weathered liability". (Star-Telegram [Fort Worth TX]
November 29, 2006)

1993 2009  

At least three more women have reported having been sexually abused by Howlett as children:

In May 1999 a woman told Bishop Delaney, Rev. Robert Wilson, and McNamara that Howlett molested her while she was preparing for First Communion.

In June 2001 another woman reported to the church officials that Howlett molested her when she was five to nine years old.

In March 2004 yet another woman told church officials that Howlett sexually abused her from ages nine through fourteen.

(Star-Telegram [Fort Worth TX]
November 29, 2006)

    Per 2005 news reports, Howlett was living in Dublin, Ireland and remained a priest, but not allowed to function as such. Also, he was permitted to have contact with the public only if accompanied by another Pallottine. (Star Telegram [Fort Worth TX]
June 26, 2005)

Source: Official Catholic Directory (New York: Kenedy & Sons, 1961-1993).

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