Assignment Record– Rev. William J. Kuder

Summary of Case: William J. Kuder was a priest of the Diocese of Raleigh, ordained in 1933. His first assignment was at a Nazareth parish, which was affiliated with the Catholic Orphanage for Boys. He then assisted at parishes in New Bern, Greensboro and Leaksville-Spray. After a three-year leave of absence, Kuder was assigned in 1942 as pastor of St. Lucien's in Spruce Pine, and from 1949 until his death in 1960, he was pastor of St. Joan of Arc in Asheville.

In 1995 a man reported to the Charlotte diocese (which absorbed Raleigh when established in 1971), that Kuder had sexually abused him at St. Joan of Arc for four years, beginning when the man was age 9 in 1952. He said the abuse included oral and anal rape, and that Kuder would drive him to rectories 20 and 50 miles away to confess his "sin" of sex with a priest. Kuder allegedly threatened the boy with eternal damnation if he broke the seal of confession. After coming forward, Kuder's accuser said he heard from 10 more victims. His two brothers also alleged abuse by Kuder when they were ages 9-13, and said the priest drove them, too, to faraway priests for confession and used the threat of hell to silence them.

Born: 1898
: 1933
Died: March 24, 1960


Start Stop Assignments Town/Accusations State Position Notes


Diocese of Raleigh

Bishop was William Joseph Hafey (1925-1937).

1935 Holy Name of Jesus Nazareth NC 3/3  
1933 1935 Catholic Orphange for Boys Nazareth     Superintendent was Rev. John T. Manley, who was pastor of Holy Name of Jesus. Kuder was also involved with the orphanage.
1935 1936 St. Paul's New Bern NC 2/2 St. Paul's had a school ("for White Children") with 86 students.
1935 1936 St. Joseph's Clayton NC   This was a mission of St. Paul's in New Bern.
1935 1936 St. Luke's Holy Springs NC   This was a mission of St. Paul's in New Bern.
1935 1936   Carey, Apex, Merry, Oaks, Moncure, McCullers, Fuquqy Springs, Angier, Wendell, Zebulon, Wake Forest NC   These were stations of St. Paul's in New Bern.


Hafey was succeeded as Raleigh bishop by Eugene Joseph McGuinness (1937-1944).

1939 St. Benedict's Greensboro NC 2/2, 2/3 St. Benedict's had a school ("for White Children") with 101-134 students.
1938 1939 St. Joseph of the Hills Leaksville-Spray NC 2/2 This was a mission of St. Benedict's in Greensboro.
1939 1940 on leave of absence        
1940 1942 absent on special assignment        


Vincent Stanislaus Waters replaced McGuinness as Raleigh bishop (1945-1974).

1949 St. Lucien's Spruce Pine NC 1/1  
1942 1945   Burnsville NC   This was a station of St. Lucien's in Spruce Pine.
1948 1949 St. Patricia's Linville NC   This was a mission of St. Lucien's in Spruce Pine.
1948 1949   Green Mountain, Toledo NC   These were stations of St. Lucien's in Spruce Pine
1949 1960 St. Joan of Arc


In 1995 a man told Bishop Curlin that Kuder sexually abused him when he was ages 9-13, in St. Joan's rectory, beginning in 1952. He said the abuse included sodomy and oral sex, and that Kuder made him confess his "sin" of sex with a priest to priests in distant rectories; Kuder would drive him to other parishes and make him go in by himself and ask for confession. He said Kuder told him he would go to hell if he broke the seal of confession. After the man went public in 1995, he said he heard from at least 10 other Kuder victims. Two of his brothers also alleged abuse by Kuder, also at ages 9-13, also including rape, also taking them to other priest for confession and threatening eternal damnation if they told outside of confession.

NC 1/1 St. Joan of Arc had a school with 162-285 students.
1952 1960   Candler NC  

This was a mission of St. Joan of Arc in Asheville.

Kuder died March 24, 1960.

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