Assignment Record – Rev. David J. Malsch


Ordained: 1967

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Bishop of Superior was George Albert Hammes (1960-1985)

1974 Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Medford WI

Malsch worked under Very Rev. Joseph Miller, and, for a short time, with Rev. Andrew Berthold.

Parish had a school with 299-471 students.
1968 1971 Taylor County Teachers College Medford WI Chaplain  
1972 1984 Diocesan Boy Scouts   WI Chaplain


1972 1974 Wisconsin State University Branch Campus, Stevens Point Medford WI Chaplain  
1974 1975 St. Joseph's Rhinelander WI


Malsch worked under Rev. Richard Burzynski.

Parish had a school with 453 students.

1976   Cathedral Junior High School Superior WI religion teacher This assignment. is per news reports.

January 1984

St. Patrick's


• In 1979 Malsch plied two 12- and 13-year-old brothers with alcohol, showed them pornography, and tried to pull the pants off of the 13-year-old. In 1982 or 1983, Malsch sexually assaulted the younger brother.

• Malsch "Indecently touched" a 14-year-old boy in the rectory of St. Patrick's in Jan. 1984.

WI 1/1  
January 1984 August
Absent on Leave




Indexed in the Official Catholic Directory as absent on leave, yet still listed in diocesan pages as Boy Scout Chaplain.

Malsch was sent to a church-sponsored inpatient treatment center in Minnesota.


Raphael Michael Fliss replaced Hammes as Superior Bishop (1985-2007)

1986 St. Joseph's





Malsch worked under Rev. Allan Bradley.

Parish had a school with 291 students.
1986 1992 St. Mary's


• Malsch was allowed to counsel children with emotional and learning problems.

• Malsch was accused of sexually abusing a 14-year-old boy with learning disabilities in 1991.


2/2, 2/3

Malsch is listed second after Rev. Robert O'Connell 1987-1989, then second under Rev. Gerald P. Harris 1990-1992. A third priest, Rev. Michael Tupa, is listed after Malsch 1991-1992.

Although he is listed in the diocesan pages of the Directory for 1991-1992, Malsch is indexed as absent on leave for that time period.

Malsch was removed from ministry in May 1991 and sent to a counseling program on the East Coast as a result of the accusation involving the 14 year-old learning disabled boy. He was charged in this case in 1993, pleaded no contest, and was sentenced to a year in jail.

1992 1993 Absent on Leave       Malsch is not indexed in the Directories beyond 1994.
1993 1994 Jail   IN   Per news reports, Malsch "served time in an Indiana jail, with work release, and was allowed to participate in outpatient sex offender treatment."

November 1994

April 1995 Jail   WI   In custody in Wisconsin.
April 1995 May 1997     WI   Released to community supervision.
1997 1999? Oshkosh Correctional Institution Oshkosh WI    
1999 Dec. 2000?   Oshkosh WI   "Held in a secure mental health facility".
2001 2003 Wounded Brothers Recon Facility


• In 2003 Malsch was arrested when found to have child pornography in his room.


Malsch was committed to this facility for "troubled priests" as a sexually violent person.

Malsch pleaded guilty to the child porn charge and was sentenced in 2005 to nine years in prison.

Malsch was removed from the priesthood in June 2005.

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