Rev. Robert A. Marcantonio

Ordained: 6-24-67

Start Stop Assignment Town/Accusations State Position Notes
1967     Louvain Belgium   Ordained for the Providence diocese from the Catholic University of Louvain.
1967 1968 St. Mary's (Italian)


Accused of molesting boys while at this parish (Providence Journal-Bulletin, July 3, 1994).



Marcantonio listed third after Revs. Oliver J. Bernasconi and Alfred T. Ferrara.

St. Mary's had a school with 107 boys and 107 girls.
1968 1969 Sacred Heart West Warwick RI


Worked under Rt. Rev. Msgr. Anthony A. DeAngelis.

Marcantonio's duties included moderating parish CYO (per 1998 legal complaint).

Parish had a school with 170 boys and 180 girls.

DeAngelis accused of sexual abuse of a young girl (Wellesley Townsman, July 4, 2002)


Bishop of the Providence diocese was Russell J. McVinney (1948-1971)

1970 St. Mary's (Italian)


• Chancellor Daniel P. Reilly is alleged to have known in 1970 that Marcantonio had previously molested more than two dozen boys (Associated Press,
March 17, 2002).

• Reportedly molested four young boys while at St. Mary's, telling them it was his responsibility to teach them about sex (per 1998 legal complaint).



Marcantonio worked under Revs. Oliver J. Bernaschoni and Louis Antonelli.


Parish school had 90 boys and 109 girls.


1969 1970 Our Lady of Providence Seminary High School Providence RI Teacher  


Archbishop of Dubuque was James J. Byrne (1962-1983)

1975 St. Thomas Aquinas



• Marcantonio was sent to Iowa to attend graduate school and to receive treatment from a psychiatrist who was also a priest, and who knew Marcantonio when he was a seminarian at Louvain, Belgium (per 1998 legal complaint).

IA Per Official Catholic Directories, Pastor was Rev. James A. Supple. Also at St. Thomas during these years were Very Rev. Msgr. Daniel J. Tarrant and Rev. David H. Manders. Rev. Melvin D. Hemann was there 1970-1972, replaced by Rev. Richard L. Schaefer 1972-1975.

Marcantonio indexed in Directories only as "on duty outside the diocese", and not listed at St. Thomas Auqinas. The Dubuque archdiocese released information in 2006 that he had been at this parish.

Parish had a catechetical school with 407-360 students.


1970 1975 St. Cecila's


• Marcantonio is said to have sexually abused at least two boys in Ames (Des Moines Register,
September 18, 2006)




Per Official Catholic Directories, Pastor was Rev. Joseph A. Sullivan 1970-1973 and Rev. Edgar Kurt 1973-1975. Rev. Richard Gaul served 1970-1972, and Rev. Clarence S. Kruse was the second priest listed 1972-1975.

Marcantonio indexed in Directories only as "on duty outside the diocese", and not listed at St. Cecilia's. The Dubuque archdiocese released information in 2006 that he had been at this parish.

St. Cecilia's had a school with 132-116 students and a catechetical school with 471-427 students.

1970 1975 Iowa State College Ames IA Student and assistant chaplain at Iowa State's Newman Center, where he resided. Marcantonio was a student, earning master's and doctoral degrees in psychology (Associated Press, March 17, 2002). The title of Marcantonio's Master's thesis was "Sex Education in the Home" (per 1998 legal complaint).
1973 1975 Boys Club of Ames Ames IA Member of Board of Directors (per 1998 legal complaint).  


Bishop of Fall River diocese was Daniel A. Cronin (1970-1991)

1979 Stonehill College North Easton MA Director of Counseling/Teacher

Directories indicate Marcantonio "on duty outside the diocese". News reports state he returned to Rhode Island in 1975 (Associated Press, March 17, 2002). A 1998 legal complaint states he was at Stonehill College in during these years.



Bishop of Providence was Louis E. Gelineau

  Camp-o-reet Boy Scout Camp Yawgood RI Selected to assist Scout Chaplain Rev. Edmund C. Micarelli, along with Revs. William C. O'Connell, and Robert A. Carpentier (per 1998 legal complaint).

Camp-o-reet was a camping and spiritual retreat for young boys.

O'Connell and Carpentier both admitted to molesting boys, and Micarelli has been accused of sexually abusing at least seven boys.

1979 1989 Rhode Island College Providence RI Chaplain  
1979 1989 St. John Vianney


• Multiple accusations of sexually abusing boys while at this parish. (Associated Press,
March 17, 2002)

RI Weekend Pastor Not indexed or listed in Directories as being at St. John's.
1989 ? Absent on leave Phoenix AZ  

Moved sometime after 1989 to Phoenix AZ (Providence Journal-Bulletin,
July 3, 1994)

No longer appears in Directories after 1992.

Died Oct. 20, 1999 (Dubuque archdiocese report).

Source: Official Catholic Directory (New York: Kenedy & Sons, 1968-1992).

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