Rev. James E. Mason

Ordained: 1967

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Bishop of the La Crosse diocese was Frederick William Freking (1964-1983)

1969 Immaculate Conception Eau Claire WI


Pastor was Rev. Daniel J. O'Reilly. Other priests were Revs. Norman D. Boneck and then Charles E. Leisle.

Parish had a school with 340-390 students.
1969 1975 Newman Club, Wisconsin State University

Eau Claire

• In 2000 a man reported having been sexually abused by Mason as a high school student working at WSU, and then as a University student in 1975. (Riverfront Times [St. Louis Missouri]
August 25, 2004)

WI Other priests included Revs. Robert H. McKillip, Edmund J. Klimek, adn Peter Taylor, who arrived in 1974.  
1975 1981 McDonell Central High School

Chippewa Falls

• Found guilty in 1981 of sexual assault of a student who had come to him for counseling. Placed on probation. (Riverfront Times [St. Louis Missouri]
August 25, 2004)


WI "Pastor"

School had 435-460 students.

The 1976 Official Catholic Directory indexes Mason as still living at WSU in Eau Claire, but the diocesan pages of the Directory list him as in residence at McDonell Central High School.


Freking was replaced by John Joseph Paul as La Crosse bishop (1983-1994)

1986 Roncalli Newman Community La Crosse WI Mason worked with Rev. John A. Schultz in 1981. Rev. Richard Thomson, o.c.s.o. was in residence 1982-1984, and Mason is the sole priest there in 1985 and 1986.  


Milwaukee archbishop was Rembert George Weakland, O.S.B. (1977-2002)

1992 Absent on Sick Leave Burlington WI  

The La Crosse diocesan pages of the 1990, 1991, and 1992 Directories give an address for Mason in Burlington, WI (Milwaukee archdiocese).


Weakland was replaced as Milwaukee archbishop by Timothy Michael Dolan (2002-)

2004 On Duty Outside the Diocese Burlington WI  

No longer listed in Directories after 2004.

Per news reports, was counseling drug users in the Milwaukee archdiocese as of 2004. (Riverfront Times [St. Louis Missouri]
August 25, 2004)

Source: Official Catholic Directory (New York: Kenedy & Sons, 1968-2004).

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