Assignment Record – Rev. James E. Poole, S.J.

Summary of Case: An Oregon Province Jesuit priest ordained in 1953, Poole is been accused of sexually abusing girls in the 1960s and 1970s, particularly at St. Mary's Mission Boarding School in the Fairbanks diocese. The Jesuits transferred him from AK to Portland OR, where he is also accused of abusing a young girl. Another allegation emerged in 2013 that he sexually abused a young girl when he was a visiting priest in the Yakima WA diocese. Poole was known in 2013 to be living in a Spokane retirement facility for Jesuits.

Ordained: 1953

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San Francisco archbishop was John Joseph Mitty (1935-1961).

1954 Alma College Los Gatos CA

This was the theologate of the California Province of the Society of Jesus. There were 45 priests, 79 scholastics, and 14 brothers.


Seattle archbishop was Thomas Arthur Connolly (1950-1975).

1955 Seattle University Seattle WA  


1955 1956 Manresa Hall Port Townsend WA   Jesuit Tertianship


Fairbanks bishop was Francis Doyle Gleeson, S.J. (1948-1968).

1959 St. Lawrence Mountain Village AK 1/1


1956 1959   Pilot Station AK   This was a station of St. Lawrence in Mountain Village.
1956 1959   Chukartulik AK   This was a station of St. Lawrence in Mountain Village.
1956 1959   Marshall AK   This was a station of St. Lawrence in Mountain Village.
1959 1964 St. Mary's Mission

St. Mary's

Said to have been removed as headmaster for behavior with young girls at St. Mary's.



Poole was the Superior. Working under him were Rev. Lawrence Haffle, S.J. 1959-1961, Rev. Robert Corrigal, S.J. 1961-1963, and Rev. John Fox, S.J. 1963-1964.

St. Mary's had a grade school with 35-48 day students and 132-125 boarders, and a high school with 7-15 day students and 22-32 boarders.

It was revealed in the Fairbanks diocese's bankruptcy reorganization documents in 2010 that Corrigal and Fox each had at least one allegation of sexual abuse against them.

The 1965 Directory indexes Poole at Jesuit High School in Portland OR, and not at St. Mary's in AK. However he remains listed in the Fairbanks diocesan pages at St. Mary's. He is also listed in the Portland diocesan pages of the 1965 Directory at Jesuit High School.


Portland archbishop was Edward Daniel Howard (1926-1966).

1965 Jesuit High School


A 2007 lawsuit names Poole as priest who molested a 7 or 8- year- old girl in Portland in 1964.

OR   Jesuit High School had 511 students, all male.
1965 1966

St. Patrick's


In a 2006 lawsuit a woman accused Poole of sexually abusing her for eight years, beginning in 1965 when she was 6 years-old. Poole was her catechism teacher and family friend. She was the sixth woman to file suit.

AK 1/1  


Robert Louis Whelan, S.J. replaced Gleeson as Fairbanks bishop (1948-1985).

1979 St. Joseph's


Accused of molesting a girl beginning when she was 10 years-old in 1978, and ending when she was 16 years-old. The Jesuits settled with her in 2005.

Another woman sued in 2005, alleging sexual abuse by Poole in 1968 or 1969, when she was 7 years- old. Hers was the fourth lawsuit against Poole, and there had been an out of court case against him.

The second woman to file suit, in June 2005, stated that Poole sexually abused her for 8 years, beginning when she was 12 years-old. Also, she alleged that he impregnated her when she was14, and Poole told her to abort the pregnancy and blame it on her father.


1/2, 1/1

Working with Poole 1966-1967 was Rev. Andrew Eordogh, S.J. Rev. Harold J. Greif, S.J. is the second priest listed 1969-1979.



accused of sexual abuse of a young boy.

At least two people have alleged sexual abuse by Greif.


Yakima bishops in the 1970s were Cornelius Michael Power (1969-1974), Nicolas Eugene Walsh (1974-1976), and William Stephen Skylstad (1977-1990).

  Peter the Apostle Retreat House


Poole was accused in a 2013 lawsuit of the sexual abuse of a girl, ages 8-12, at St. Peter the Apostle retreat house in the 1970s.

WA   Per the Yakima diocese Poole was never assigned there, but he may have been a visiting priest. The lawsuit also names as abusers of this girl two other Jesuits, Rev. Frank Duffy and Rev. John Morse.
1966 1971 King Island Village   AK   This was a station and later a mission of St. Joseph's in Nome (first noted to be a mission in the 1971
1966 1979 Little Diomede Island   AK   This was a station and later a mission of St. Joseph's in Nome (first noted to be a mission in the 1971
1966 1979 Teller   AK   This was a station and later a mission of St. Joseph's in Nome (first noted to be a mission in the 1971


Oakland bishop was John Stephen Cummins (1977-2003).

1980 Jesuit School of Theology Berkeley CA    


Michael Joseph Kaniecki, S.J. replaced Whelan as Fairbanks bishop (1985-2000).

1988 St. Joseph's Nome AK

3/3, 2/2

Pastors were Rev. Paul B. Macke, S.J. 1980-1983, Rev. Thomas F. Carlin, S.J. 1983-1985, Rev. Joseph G. Stolz, S.J. 1985-1987, and Rev. Charles J. Peterson, S.J. 1987-1988. Priests in the second spot were Rev. Harold J. Greif, S.J. 1980-1983, then Poole 1983-1988.

1980 1987 KNOM Radio Nome




Poole was the founder of this Catholic radio station.

According to the KNOM website, it's debut was in 1971. The website in March 2009 does not mention Poole.

1980 1988 Little Diomede Island   AK   This was a mission of St. Joseph's in Nome.
1980 1988 Teller   AK   This was a mission of St. Joseph's in Nome.
1987 1988 Unalakleet   AK   This was a mission of St. Joseph's in Nome.


Seattle archbishop was Raymond Gerhadt Hunthausen (1975-1991).

1989 Bellarmine High School Tacoma WA In residence This was a coeducational Jesuit high school with 870 students.
1988 1989 St. Joseph's Hospital and Health Care Center Tacoma WA chaplain  
1989 1990         Poole is not indexed or listed in the diocesan pages of the 1990


Hunthausen was replaced as archbishop by Thomas Joseph Murphy (1991-1997), followed by Alexander Joseph Brunett (1997-2010).

2003 Bellarmine High School Tacoma WA In residence This was a coeducational Jesuit high school with 920-998 students.
1990 2003 St. Joseph's Hospital and Health Care Center Tacoma WA chaplain  


James Peter Sartain succeeded Brunett (2010-).

2014 Retired/Regis Community Spokane WA   Regis Community is a residence for Jesuits.

Sources: Official Catholic Directory (New York: Kenedy & Sons, 1954-2007).

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