Rev. Ronald D. Provost

Ordained: 1970


Provost was convicted in 1993 of photographing a semi-nude ten year old boy in 1992. He received a ten year suspended prison sentence on the condition that he stay away from young children. During the investigation of the 1992 incident, Provost handed to police more than 100 photos he had of nude boys. He also was found to have child porn magazines. The boy's family unsuccessfully sued the diocese and bishop in 1996. Bishop Harrington knew in 1980 of concerns about Provost's photos of boys, sending him to treatment at the House of Affirmation, but keeping him in ministry. Provost became a pastor in 1988.



Start Stop Assignment Town/Accusations State Position Notes


Bishop of Worcester was Bernard Joseph Flanagan (1959-1983)

1971 St. Mary's Southbridge MA


Provost worked under Rev. Andrew J. Sullivan. In residence was Rev. George O. Lange.

St. Mary's had a school with 148 boys and 129 girls.
1971 1972 Immaculate Heart of Mary Winchendon MA


Pastor was Rev. Alcide J. Brousseau.


1972 1975 St. Bernard Fitchburg MA

4/4, 4/5

Pastor was Rev. Bernard J. Conlin, second priest was Glenn F. Downer. Ralph A. Di Orio is listed third, just before Provost 1973-1974, and is last and in residence 1974-1975. Rev. James A. Lehane was in the third spot, before Provost, 1974-1975.

    St. Camillus Fitchburg MA   This assignment is per news reports. (Telegram & Gazette (Massachusetts)
January 19, 1996)
1975 1979 St. Peter's Worcester MA

4/4, 5/5

Msgr. David C. Sullivan was pastor, and Rev. Bernard R. Reilley assistant pastor. Listed third is Rev. John P. Kochanowski 1975-1976. Rev. Bernard F. Davenport is listed third 1976-1979. Rev. Charles E. Borowski is listed fourth, and before Provost, 1976-1977.




Reilley was accused in a 2004 lawsuit of sexual assault of a girl ages 2-8 in the 1950s. (Telegram & Gazette
December 30, 2004)

1979 1981 Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and St. Ann


Provost testified in 1996 civil trial that Bishop Harrington asked him during his time at this parish if he had taken nude pictures of boys. Harrington subsequently sent Provost to the House of Affirmation for out patient treatment for several months, and allowed him to continue in his work at Our Lady of Mt. Carmen and St. Ann. (Telegram & Gazette
January 24, 1996) Harrington contradicted Provost's testimony, saying he sent Provost to the House of Affirmation to "broaden his ministry", and not because he thought Provost had a sexual problem. (Telegram & Gazette
January 26, 1996)



Pastor was Rev. John J. Capuano.

Rev. Capuano contacted Bishop Harrington, concerned about photos of young boys in Provost's room that he thought were inappropriate. (Telegram & Gazette
January 25, 1996)


Replacing Flanagan as bishop was Timothy Joseph Harrington (1983-1994)

1984 St. Anthony of Padua Fitchburg MA


Pastor was Rev. Rocco A DiLorenzo.

Parish had a school with 210 students.
1983   St. Vincent Hospital Worcester MA chaplain This assignment is per news reports. (The New Yorker
June 7, 1993)
1984 1986         Provost is not indexed in the 1985 or 1986 Directories.
1986 1988 Holy Angels Upton MA


Pastor was Rev. John J. McKenna

1988 1992 St. Joseph's


In Jan. 1992 Provost was caught photographing a semi-nude 10 year old boy, The incident occured at a local swimming pool during a swim night Provost had organized for his parish youth group. Provost admitted to police that he used the photos he took of boys for sexual stimulation. (Telegram & Gazette (Massachusetts)
January 19, 1996) He was found to have had in his possession more than a hundred photos of nude boys. The photos dated back to 1977. He also had a collection of child pornography magazines. (The New Yorker
June 7, 1993)

MA 1/1  
1988 1992 St. Augustine's



MA 1/1

St. Augustine's was a mission of St. Joseph's.

Provost was quietly removed from parish work in Jan. 1992, without a word to parishioners as to his whereabouts or reasons for removal. (The New Yorker
June 7, 1993)

Jan.1992 July1992 St. Luke's Institute Silver Springs MD  

Provost is indexed and listed as Absent on Leave in the 1993-1995 Directories. He does not appear in the Directories after 1995.

Per news reports, he was sent to St. Luke's, which was a treatment center for clergy sex offenders. (The New Yorker
June 7, 1993)



Provost was convicted in 1993 of having photographed a partially nude boy in Sept.1992. He received a ten year prison sentence, which was suspended with the condition that he stay away from young children. (Boston Globe
July 21, 1994)


Per news reports, Provost went to live with with his brother in Worcester after his time at St. Luke's. He worked as a gravedigger at St. John's Cemetery for seven years, then occasionally shoveled snow at parishes. (Salon
March 7, 2002) The brother, Kenneth Provost, had been convicted of indecent sexual assault on a young boy. (The New Yorker
June 7, 1993)

Source: Official Catholic Directory (New York: Kenedy & Sons, 1971-1995).

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