Rev. Raymond A. Prybis, O.M.I.—Assignment Record

Summary of Case: Accused in 1992 of exposing himself to a 14- or 15-year-old boy in the early 1980s in a Boston archdiocesan parish, and having the boy beat him with a belt. The complaint is in Prybis's Boston personnel file and was publicly filed in the Ford v. Law case. Prybis worked in schools and parishes in 7 dioceses in the states of New York, Florida, Washington DC, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota.

: 1967
Incardinated: An Oblate priest with faculties in at least seven dioceses.

Prybis in 2006, as business manager of the Oblates' Christ the King Retreat Center in Buffalo MN    

Start Stop Parish Town State Position Notes
1967 1968 Bishop Fallon High School Buffalo NY 11/11. In the Buffalo NY diocese, James A. McNulty, bishop; and the Eastern American Province of the Oblates, William P. Ryan OMI, provincial.
1968 1974

Cardinal Newman High School

West Palm Beach FL 9/10, rising to 3/10. In 1968, the priests were: Revs. Leslie Cann, supervising principal; George Croft OMI, principal of boys’ division (with Sr. Thomas James OP, principal of girls’ division); Revs. Francis Curley OMI; Robert Lynch OMI; William Kopp OMI; William Denzel OMI; Eugene Card OMI; Arthur King OMI; Raymond Prybis OMI; Br. Paul Kajdan OMI. In 1969, 5 new priests arrived: Revs. William Brooks OMI; Edward J. Tighe OMI; John J. Morrissey OMI; Leo Dionne OMI; Paul Frank OMI. In 1970 Rev. Donald McGurrin OMI arrived. In 1971 Rev. Charles Cassetta arrived. In 1972, 3 Oblates arrived: Revs. Thaddeus Kloc OMI, Robert Colfer OMI, and Edward Hauf OMI.

In the Miami archdiocese, Coleman F. Carroll, archbishop; and in the Southern U.S. Province of the Oblates, John A. Hakey OMI, provincial. In 1968-69, 9 Oblates of Mary Immaculate, 9 Dominican Sisters, 25 lay teachers, 868 pupils

Note: In the 1974 Directory, Prybis is indexed to Cardinal Newman HS but not listed there.

1974 1980 Oblate College Washington DC

13/15, rising to 9/17. Superior was George F. Kirwin OMI.

College had 16 resident priests, 22 scholastics, and 2 brothers in 1974-75.

Prybis earned a J.C.D. degree in 1978 and a Ph.D. in 1979.

In the Washington archdiocese, William W. Baum, archbishop; and in the Eastern American Province of the Oblates, George Croft OMI, provincial.

1980 1984

Sacred Heart


• In 1992, Prybis was accused of exposing himself to a 14- or 15-year-old boy at Sacred Heart in 1983 or 1984 and getting the boy to whip him. See notes on the allegation by Sr. Mulkerrin and her memo to Rev. John McCormack.

Mulkerrin's notes and memo state that the victim's father "threw [Prybis] against car - then had meeting" with Prybis and the pastor, who would have been Rev. Gerald Flater OMI. Flater said Prybis would be sent for therapy. It would seem that this allegation was the cause of Prybis's departure for Buffalo.


4/6; by 1983 he was 2/5. Pastor was Rev. Donald J. Joyce OMI. Other priests were Revs. Francis Reardon OMI, Francis Bagan OMI, Salvatore R. Costa OMI, and John W. Linnehan OMI. Gerald Flater OMI arrived in 1981, and became pastor in 1982. Lawrence Griffin OMI arrived in 1982. William Lawless OMI arrived in 1983, as did Seamus Finn OMI in residence.


Boston archdiocese, where Cardinal Humberto Medeiros and then Bernard Law were the archbishops.

Indexed and listed in the 1981-84 Directories. under the pseudonym Raymond Phybis, which perhaps indicates that the Oblates had received a complaint in 1980 and were making Prybis difficult to locate.

Parish school was run by 3 Sisters of St. Mary of Namur with 12 lay teachers, and had 370 pupils. See photo at left.

1984   Possible Therapy     The two Boston archdiocesan documents 1 2 state that Prybis was "sent for therapy" after the Lowell allegation. It is not clear whether he went to a treatment facility before his Buffalo assignment, or whether the treatment occurred in Buffalo. The pastor in Lowell promised the victim's father a report but never followed up, so there is no confirmation in the record that the therapy occurred.
1984 1988

Holy Angels

Buffalo NY Bursar, 5/10. Pastor was Very Rev. Michael J. Devaney OMI. Other priests were Revs. Brendan Hunt OMI, Joseph Supple OMI, Richard Kulwiec OMI, assistants; Thomas Cantwell OMI, missionary; Nelson Hamilton OMI, chaplain of Columbus Hospital; and in residence: Revs. Joseph L. Garrity OMI, Paul Rust OMI, and Daniel F. O'Leary OMI.

In the Buffalo NY diocese where Edward D. Head was bishop.

In the 1985 Directory, and subsequent years, Prybis is indexed and listed by the correct spelling of his last name.

The parish ran a school. In 1984-85, there were 11 lay teachers and 124 students.

1988 1989

Immaculate Heart of Mary

Grand Rapids MI 2/3. Pastor was Rev. Patrick J. Hollywood OMI. Other priest was Rev. Dennis Cooney OMI.

In the Grand Rapids MI diocese, wh ere Joseph M. Breitenbeck was bishop.

Parish school was run by 1 Sister of St. Dominic with 19 lay teachers, and had 423 pupils.

1989 1990

St. Joseph's

Dallastown PA Pastor, 1/3. In the Harrisburg PA diocese, where Nicholas C. Dattilo was bishop.
1990 1993

Immaculate Heart of Mary Novitiate-Infirmary


• It was Prybis's presence here that prompted the complaint which the archdiocese received in 1992 about abuse in the early to mid-1980s (see above).

MA One of 26 priests and 2 brothers in residence. In the Boston archdiocese, where Bernard Law was the cardinal-archbishop.
1993 2001 Oblate College / Oblate Center for Mission Studies Washington DC 10/10. Rev. David N. Power OMI was the superior and Rev. George Kirwin OMI was the president. In the Washington archdiocese, where James Hickey was the cardinal-archbishop. Theodore McCarrick became archbishop in 1986 and cardinal in 2000.
2001 2010

Christ the King Retreat Center

Buffalo MN 4/6. See the 2006 description of staff, from the retreat center web site.

In the St. Paul-Minneapolis archdiocese, where Harry J. Flynn was archbishop.


2010 2012         Prybis is not indexedin the 2011 or 2012 Directories, nor is he listed in the St. Paul-Minneapolis pages as at his previous or next assignments.
2012 2013 Oblate Residence St. Paul MN    
2013 2014         Prybis is not indexed in the 2014 Directory, nor is he listed in the St. Paul-Minneapolis pages at his previous assignment.

: Official Catholic Directory (New York: Kenedy & Sons, 1968-2010).

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This assignment record collates Prybis's career history as it is represented in the Official Catholic Directory with the allegation against him reported in his Boston archdiocesan personnell file. We make no representation regarding the truth of the allegation we report. We remind our readers that in the U.S. judicial system, a person is considered innocent until proven guilty.

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