James F. Quinn

Summary of Case: Quinn is accused of repeated sexual abuse in the 1960s of a minor male, whom he allegedly got drunk for the purpose. During the period of the alleged abuse, Quinn became the director of the St. John & St. Joseph Home CYO in Utica and director of a diocesan camp nearby. The priest allegedly abused the boy on official CYO trips. The court of appeals upheld a state supreme court ruling that the suit was time-barred, after which the diocese reinstated Quinn, announcing that its internal investigation had found "insufficient evidence" of the abuse. But in 2005, the court of appeals reversed itself. This unusual development sets the stage for a significant statute-of-limitations decision in 2006. Quinn was also accused of negligent absence in the 1968 drowning death of an altar boy from the same parish, but a jury found that Quinn and the diocese did not conceal Quinn's role. The diocese received another complaint, in 2014, that Quinn sexually abused a boy, in Syracuse in the late 1980s. Quinn's name was included in 2018 on the diocese's list of those with credible allegations against them. 

: September 21, 1932
: May 24, 1958
Incardinated: Syracuse
Died: Feb. 1, 2013


Start Stop Parish Town State Position Notes

Bishop Walter A. Foery appointed 5/26/37; retired 8/4/70; died 5/10/78.
8/27/58 St. John the Baptist Syracuse NY 5/5. Temporary assistant pastor. Pastor was Most Rev. David F. Cunningham, D.D., V.G., who was the vicar general. Cunningham would become coadjutor bishop in 1967 and bishop in 1970. Other priests were Revs. Philip J. Meaney, Francis J. Culkin, and Theodore C. Sizing. School was run by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and had 233 pupils.
8/27/58 9/16/59 St. Patrick's Syracuse NY 3/3. Assistant pastor. Pastor was Rt. Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. Driscoll, who was a diocesan consultor and a parish priest consultor. Other priest was Rev. Donald A. Wise. Schools were run by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. Grammar school had 439 pupils. High school had 224 pupils.


Rev. David F. Cunningham named coadjutor bishop 8/16/67; succeeded 8/4/70; retired 11/9/76; died 2/22/79.

9/17/71 St. Agnes


In 2003, John Zumpano sued Quinn, claiming that the priest repeatedly abused him 1963-70, beginning when the boy was 13 or 24. Quinn allegedly used alcohol in the abuse, molested Zumpano on CYO trips, and bribed Zumpano to remain silent. Quinn denies the charges, and the diocese reinstated Quinn after an internal investigation, citing "insufficient evidence." The diocese claimed this is the only accusation against Quinn. By 2018 the Review Board had determined that the allegations were credible.

NY 3/3, 3/4, 3/3, 2/2, 2/3. Assistant pastor. Pastor was Rev. Edward A. Goulet until 1970, when Rev. James F. Larkin replaced him. In 1959, the other priest was Rev. Louis W. Barry. Rev. John H. Hill replaced Barry in 1961, with Quinn remaining #3. Thomas J. Leonard arrived in 1963 as #4. In 1964 Leonard left and Rev. Donald L. Gorman replaced Hill as #2. Gorman left in 1967 and Quinn became #2. In 1968 Rev. Thomas C. Bowman became #3.

School was run by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and had 402 pupils in 1959-60.

In 1968, 12-year-old Albert Piacentino drowned during a church picnic at Camp Nazareth for St. Agnes altar boys. It is alleged that Quinn was supposed to be supervising the trip but was negligently absent when Piacentino died. Quinn The director of the camp at the time was Msgr. Francis J. Willenburg. In 2005, a jury in a civil trial found no concealment by Quinn or the diocese.

1966 9/17/71 ? St. John & St. Joseph Home CYO


The address of the CYO was 1106 Park Ave., Utica 13502. This is a helf mile away from the orphanage of the same name, at 1408 Genesee St., Utica

NY Director. In the 1971 Directory, two other staff are listed: John E. DaPrano as administrator and Francis W. Love as program director. In the 1972 Directory, DaPrano and Love keep these positions and Quinn is gone. In the 1973 Directory, Love is the director. Quinn took over this position from Very Rev. Msgr. Francis J. Willenburg, who remained director of Catholic Charities in Utica, director of the St. John & St. Joseph Home, and director of Bethlehem Day Camp and Camp Nazareth.
1968 9/17/71 ? Bethlehem Day Camp Utica NY Director. In the 1971 Directory, John E. DaPrano is listed as administrator. In the 1972 Directory, DaPrano has become director and Quinn is gone.  
9/17/71 1975 St. Paul's Rome NY 2/3. Assistant pastor. Pastor was Rev. William E. Bishop. Other priest was Rev. Donald H. Karlen, in residence. In 1972, Rev. Msgr. Edgar M. Holihan, who was a diocesan consultor, became pastor. In 1974, Rev. William M. Kelly became pastor, and Rev. Thomas J. McGrath replaced Karlen in residence.  
9/17/71 1972 Chapel at Oneida County Home Rome NY Station attended from St. Paul's. But chaplain is listed as Rev. John H. Comeskey.  
1972 1973 Oneida County Home Rome NY Chaplain. The home is still listed as a station of St. Paul's in the 1973 Directory, but in the 1974 Directory the home is not listed at all.  


Bishop Frank J. Harrrison appointed 11/9/76; retired 6/16/87.

7/1/78 St. Therese of the Infant Jesus Munnsville NY 1/1. Pastor.  
1975 7/1/78 St. Joan of Arc Morrisville NY 1/1. Pastor. Mission attended from St. Therese.  


Bishop Joseph T. O'Keefe appointed 6/16/87; retired 4/4/95.

When O'Keefe arrived from the NY archdiocese, two of Syracuse's regional episcopal vicars were, it would later be learned, accused priests: Msgrs. Francis J. Furfaro and H. Charles Sewall.

7/1/88 St. Paul's
Whitesboro NY 1/2, 1/3. Pastor. Other priest was Rev. John R. DeLorenzo. In 1982, Rev. Gerard F. Lupa replaced DeLorenzo. In 1983, Rev. David R. Sambor replaced Lupa. In 1984, Rev. Vincent P. Long replaced Sambor. In 1985, Rev. Francis Wapen was added as #3. In 1986, Rev. Louis Galluppi replaced Long. School run by the Sisters of the Third Franciscan Order had 302 pupils in 1978-79.
1987 1988 Priests' Senate     Senator. So listed only in the 1988 Directory, and as James Quinn, with no middle initial.
7/1/88 7/1/94 St. James


In 2014 the diocese received a complaint that Quinn abused a male minor in the late 1980s. 


1/5. Pastor. The pastor emeritus was Rev. Francis E. Horrigan. Other priests were Revs. Paul Alciati, Daniel C. Muscalino (in res.), and Matthew J. Doran (in res.). In 1993, Rev. Daniel J. O'Hara replaced Alciati.

The parish attended a station at the Brighton Towers senior housing facility.

School run by the Sisters of the Third Franciscan Order had 190 pupils in 1988-89.

In the 1988 Directory (the first volume in which this information was given), Quinn's ordination year had been correctly listed as1958. But in the 1989 and 1990 Directories (the first volumes that list this Syracuse pastorship), Quinn's ordination year is incorrectly listed as 1964. During the first years of his reassignment to Syracuse, this made it more difficult to connect Quinn with his previous Syracuse assignments in the late 1950s. In 1991 the ordination is listed as 1958 again.


Bishop James M. Moynihan appointed 4/4/95.

2000 Most Holy Rosary Syracuse   3/3, 2/2, in residence. Pastor was Rev. John V. Ahern. Other priest was Rev. Thomas E. Neary (retired). In 1995, Rev. Peter M. Creed replaced Ahern as pastor. Neary is not listed in the 1998 and later Directories. In 1998, Rev. Frederick R. Mannara replaced Creed as pastor.

So listed in the 1995-2000 Directories, but this assignment is not listed in the diocese's summary, where Quinn is listed as being in residence at St. Ann's in Manlius starting 7/1/94.

School run by the Sisters Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary had 265 pupils in 1994-95.

1995 2002

Office of Vocations
and then
Vocation Promotion

    Director of Recruitment (another priest was director for seminarians). In the 1997 Directory, these jobs were renamed Vocation Promotion and Vocation Formation. This "special assignment" is first listed in the 1996 Directory, although the diocese's summary indicates that this assignment began on 7/1/94.
2000 2002 St. Ann's
Manlius NY 2/2, in residence. The pastor was Rev. Msgr. Charles H. Eckermann. In 2001, Rev. Kevin Hannon replaced Eckermann. Catechism classes had 385 students in 2000-2001.
2002 2013

      Quinn died Feb. 1, 2013 His name was included in 2018 on the diocese's list of those with credible allegations against them.

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Reverend James F. Quinn Obituary, Syracuse.com, February 15, 2013. Syracuse clergy abuse scandal: Priest cleared in life, blacklisted in death (Syracuse.com, December 18, 2018), Clergy with credible allegations of sexual abuse of a minor (Diocese of Syracuse, December 3, 2018)

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