Rev. Thomas M. Reardon

Ordained: 1967

A priest of the Kansas City-St. Joseph diocese, Reardon has been named in more than 20 lawsuits as having sexually abused boys. The abuse is said to have occurred throughout his career as a priest, and typically included plying boys with alcohol and marijuana. Two other priests were named as having participated with Reardon in abuse of boys. Many incidents were reported to have taken place at a lake home and in church facilities. Reardon had several chancery positions, including with the Catholic Youth Organization. Reardon left the priesthood in 1989 and went on to become a substance abuse counselor. The diocese said in Nov. 2011 that Reardon was in the process of laicization.

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Kansas City-St. Joseph Bishop was Charles Herman Helmsing (1962-1977)

1971 St. Elizabeth's

Kansas City

Named in a 2004 lawsuit as having sexually abused boys beginning in the 1960s and throughout his three decades as a priest. Two other priests, Msgr. Thomas J. O'Brien and Bishop Joseph Hart, were accused along with him. There were periods of time when the priests worked together. There were nine plaintiffs. The abuse is said to have occurred at a Lake Viking home bought by O'Brien in 1971, and in church facilities. The priests are said to have plied the boys with alcohol and marijuana, and exposed them to pornography.

Sued in 2007 by a man alleging sexual abuse by Reardon in 1968 in St. Elizabeth's rectory. The man says he was 12 years old at the time.

A man filed suit in 2008 claiming that Reardon (and O'Brien) sexually abused him beginning when he was 7 years old, in the St. Elizabeth's rectory. The man said his mother was in another room receiving marriage counseling when the abuse started.

A Feb. 2011 lawsuit claimed that Reardon made advances on an 11 year-old boy, along with fellow priest Michael Tierney, while O'Brien exposed himself and sexually abused the boy.

In an April 2011 lawsuit a man claimed Reardon molested him beginning when he was 9 years old, from 1969-1972. The boy was from Visitation parish.

In Aug. 2011 a man accused Reardon in a lawsuit of having sexually abused him when he was a St. Elizabeth middle-school student in the late 1960s.


3/3, 3/4

Parish had a school with 688-611 students.




O'Brien has been accused of sexually abusing boys in dozens of lawsuits.


Hart went on to become bishop of Cheyenne, WY. He has been accused of sexually abusing at least five boys.



















Tierney has been accused in a number of lawsuits of having sexually abused boys.

1971 1973 St. John Francis Regis

Kansas City

Another 2004 lawsuit named Reardon and O'Brien as having molested a boy at the lake house and church rectories, between 1970-1975.

In a 2008 lawsuit Reardon is accused of sexually abusing yet another boy, age 11 or 12, in 1981 or 1982 at St. Regis School.

MO 4/4

Parish had a school with 400 students.

1973 1977 Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Kansas City

In a 2008 lawsuit a man accused Reardon and O'Brien of touching his leg suggestively while the man was fixing a ceiling fan in the Lake Viking home. The man would have been about 19 years old at the time. The priests blamed their actions on drinking, he said.

MO 3/8, 2/7, 2/4 The Cathedral had a school (number of students not indicated).


Helmsing was replaced as bishop by John Joseph Sullivan (1977-1993)

1978 Church of Santa Fe Buckner MO 1/1


1978 1981 St. Gabriel Archangel

Kansas City

In a 2005 lawsuit Reardon was accused of having sexually abused a 16 year old boy in 1980 in the rectory of St. Gabriel's.

Accused in a 2007 lawsuit by a man who said Reardon abused him at St. Gabriel's, when the man was in fifth to eighth grades.

MO 1/2, 1/3 Parish had a school with 173-183 students.
    Camp Little Flower Raytown MO



    Catholic Youth Organization Kansas City MO    
    Director of Department of Catholic Laity Kansas City MO    
1978 1981 Dean of North Suburban Deanery Kansas City MO    
1979 1981 President of Senate of Priests Kansas City MO    
1985 1988 Dean of Southeast Deanery Kansas City MO    
1981 1989 St. John Francis Regis

Kansas City

In a Nov. 2001 lawsuit Reardon was accused of sexually abusing a boy from 1981-1984, when the boy was 9 to 12 years old. The boy is said to have also been abused by Revs. Thomas O'Brien and Mark Honhart, and to have been given alcohol and marijuana. The abuse is said to have occurred at Nativity of the BVM parish, and at Lake Viking.

MO 1/3, 1/2

Reardon is not indexed in the Directories after 1989.






At least three men have accused Honhart of having sexually abused them as boys.

1989 2011  

Kansas City

A plaintiff in a 2004 lawsuit alleging abuse by Reardon as a boy, said he was referred to Reardon in 1993 as an adult for drug counseling, and Reardon again made sexual advances toward him.


Reardon left the priesthood in 1989 and became a substance abuse counselor. He denied abusing children.

In a Nov. 2011 statement, the diocese said that Reardon was in the process of laicization.

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