Rev. Thomas Sebastian Schaefer—Assignment Record

Summary of Case:

: 1953
Incardinated: Washington archdiocese


Start Stop Parish Town State Position Notes


Archbishop Patrick A. O'Boyle (1947-73)


Holy Name

Washington NE

H. Schaefer is accused of sexually abusing and attempting to sodomize 8th-grader Michael Donovan in 1956. Schaefer is alleged to have groomed Donovan in the rectory (top photograph, building on the right), and to have attacked him during a wrestling match in the parish's eighth-grade school building (bottom photograph).

DC 3/3. Pastor was Rev. Maurice King. Other priest was Rev. Christopher T. Twohig. In 1954 King left and Rev. Wilbur F.X. Wheeler became pastor. In 1957 Wheeler left and Rev. John J. Dressel became pastor. Parish school had 746 children (see second and third photos at left).
10/26/57 9/23/61

St. Stephen's (Martyr)

Washington NW DC 3/3, then 2/3. Pastor was Msgr. Joseph F. Denges and the other priest was Rev. James V. Lannon. Denges was a pro-synodal judge and assistant vicar for religious. Lannon left in 1958, Schaefer moved up to associate, and Rev. Francis W. Krastel became the third priest. Immaculate Conception Academy, the parish high school, had 354 girls.
9/23/61 9/24/66

St. Andrew the Apostle


Silver Spring

C. Schaefer is accused of abusing a boy here. See article on accuser's interview with police.

MD 2/2. Pastor was Msgr. Joseph B. Coyne, director of the Holy Name Society.

Parish school for grades 1-4 had 203 children in 1960-61. In 1965-66 the school was expanded to grades 1-8 and had 535 children.

Treatment: Schaefer was sent away for treatment twice in the 1960s.

9/24/66 2/25/71 Sacred Heart


E. Schaefer pled guilty to sodomizing a boy at this parish and at Holy Angels, beginning in 1966 when the boy was 11 years old. See articles on the charge, the plea, and the sentence.

MD 1/1. Pastor.

Parish children attended school at Holy Angels parish in the town of Avenue, where there were 247 pupils. Schaefer lived at the Holy Angels rectory (see next entry). The previous pastor had also lived in the Holy Angels rectory.

Treatment: At least one of Schaefer's two visits to a treatment center in the 1960s took place during a leave of absence from this assignment at Sacred Heart, according to assignment information released by the archdiocese.

9/24/66 2/25/71

Holy Angels


Avenue MD 2/2. In residence. Pastor was Rev. Richard A. Hughes. Rev. John J. Madigan became pastor in 1967. Schaefer lived in the Holy Angels rectory while working at Sacred Heart in Bushwood. The Holy Angels parish school, where children from Sacred Heart attended, had 247 students.
2/25/71 2/10/72

St. Francis de Sales

Washington NE DC 1/2. Pastor. Rev. Robert E. Cousins was the other priest. Parish school had 374 children.


Archbishop William W. Baum 1973-80)


St. Matthias the Apostle


A. Schaefer pled guilty to abusing John Doe at this parish, beginning when the boy was 11 years old. Schaefer also showed the by pornography and too pornographic photographs of him. Schaefer also shared the boy sexually with three other priests: Smith, Pritchard, and Hartel (see column to right). Schaefer continued to abuse Doe at St. John's, his next assignment. See the story that broke this case, a profile of John Doe, and a judge's rejection on SOL grounds of Doe's civil suit.

  1/2. Pastor. Rev. Dennis Clark was the other priest. In 1973, Clark was replaced by Rev. James M. Cooney. In 1974, Cooney was replaced by Revs. Edward B. Pritchard and John T. O'Neill. Pritchard is accused of abuse. When Schaefer left in 1976, accused priest Alphonsus M. Smith replaced him as pastor. Parish school had 526 children.


Archbishop James A. Hickey (1980-2000)


St. John the Evangelist


• Schaefer admits that abuse of the Lanham victim continued here until 1978.

• Schaefer abused a 13-year-old boy who worked at the parish.

• Another boy was sexually assaulted here 1979-81.

• Prosecutors say Schaefer performed sex acts on a 12-year-old boy here.

  1/2. Pastor. Other priest was Rev. Aloysius T. Newman. Parish school had 318 children.
11/3/82 11/7/83 Leave of Absence        
11/7/83 7/1/86

St. Hugh's

7/1/86 1/20/95 Carroll Manor Nursing Home Hyattsville MD    
1995 present Vianney Renewal Center Dittmer MO    

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