Assignment Record– Rev. Robert W. Schutte

Summary of Case: Robert W. Schutte was a priest of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, ordained in 1943. He was assigned to a parish in the Diocese of St. Augustine, Florida, returning to Cincinnati after about a year. He assisted at parishes in Norwood, Deer Park, Kenwood, Springfield and Dayton, then served as pastor in New Carlisle, Urbana and Piqua. For a decade early in his career Schutte taught social studies at Purcell High School. He also served as an auxiliary chaplain at air force bases in Florida. He retired in 1984.

In December 2003 Schutte was placed on leave due to an allegation that he had sexually abused a minor several decades previously. He died the following month at age 89.

Born: 1914
Ordained: May 14, 1943
Retired: 1984
Died: January 17, 2004


Start Stop Assignments Town/Accusations State Position Notes


Diocese of St. Augustine

Bishop was Joseph Patrick Hurley (1940-1967).

1944 St. Martha's Sarasota FL 2/2



    U.S. Air Force   FL auxiliary chaplain  


Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Archbishop was John Timothy McNicholas (1925-1950).

1945 St. Matthew's Norwood OH 2/3 St. Matthew's had a school with 176 students.


McNicholas was succeeded as Cincinnati archbishop by Karl Joseph Alter (1950-1969).

1955 Purcell High School Cincinnati OH social studies teacher  
1945 1950 St. Rose of Lima Cincinnati OH 2/2 St. Rose's had a school with 40-51 boys and 45-61 girls.
1950 1955 St. John's Deer Park OH 2/3 St. John's had a school with 373-402 boys and 368-402 girls.
1955 1956 All Saints Kenwood OH 2/2
In residence
All Saints had a school with 101 boys and 91 girls.
1956   St. Teresa's Springfield OH associate pastor St. Teresa's had a school with 189 boys and 198 girls.
1956 1961 St. Helen's Dayton OH 2/2

St. Helen's had a school with 460-636 boys and 443-610 girls.

1961 1969 Sacred Heart New Carlisle OH 1/1  


Alter was replaced as Cincinnati archbishop by Paul Francis Leibold (1969-1972), followed by Joseph Louis Bernardin (1972-1982).

1977 St. Mary's Urbana OH 1/2 St. Mary's had a school with 154-204 students.


Daniel Edward Pilarczyk followed Bernardin as Cincinnati archbishop (1982-2009).

1984 St. Boniface's Piqua OH 1/1 St. Boniface's had a school with 185-167 students.
1984 1988 Retired Springfield OH   Home Orchard Dr. address
1988 1998 Retired Cincinnati OH   Farmcrest Dr 1988-1989; Woodmont Ave. 1989-1992; Blackstone Place 1992-1995; Losantiridge Ave. 1995-1997; Compton Rd. 1997-1998
1998 2004 Retired Springfield OH  

Schutte was placed on leave in December 2003 due to allegations that he had sexually abused a minor several decades previously.

Schutte died January 17, 2004.

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Source: Official Catholic Directory (Kenedy & Sons, 1944-2005).

Obituaries, The Catholic Telegraph, January 30, 2004
Schutte Obituary, Pathways, a Publication of the Athenaeum of Ohio, Spring 2004
Archbishop Flores Gets Surprise Gift ; Ohio Priest's Will Asks He Distribute Nearly $96,000 in Mexico, San Antonio Express-News, October 9, 2004

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