Assignment Record– Rev. Thomas H. Teczar

Summary of Case: Teczar has been accused of sexually abusing children in Massachusetts and Texas. He was forced out of the Worcester, MA diocese in 1986 for sexually abusing boys. He later became a visiting priest in the Fort Worth diocese whose bishop, Joseph Delaney, knew of Teczar's history and acknowledged the risk in hiring him. Teczar was convicted in 2007 of having sexually assaulted an 11-year-old Texas boy in 1990. That conviction was overturned in 2007, but a retrial in 2009 resulted again in conviction. He was sentenced to 50 years in prison. His victim testified that Teczar had shown him pornography and plied him with alcohol and marijuana. The Vatican announced that Teczar was laicized in September 2011. He died in prison in March 2015.

Ordained: 1967

Start Stop Assignment Town/Accusations State Position Notes
mid 1960s   Nazareth Home for Boys


Bathed a 10 year old boy. Accused by another boy of inappropriate touch during a swimming outing. Teczar was fired as a result.

MA   Nazareth Home was a Catholic Home for troubled youths. Teczar worked here while attending seminary.


Worcester diocese bishop was Bernard Joseph Flanagan (1959-1983)

1970 St. Joan of Arc


In 1967, prior to Teczar's ordination, Bishop Flanagan wrote in response to an inquiry from Catholic University's dean, of Teczar's "predilection for intimate and rather exclusive companionship with young boys".

Teczar had been kicked out of seminary twice. He was sued in 2003 for sexually abusing a 16 year old boy over four years, beginning in 1968.


4/4 ,3/3

Pastor was Rev. John F. Sullivan. During 1967-1968 second priest was Joseph P. Mahoney, and third was Thomas W. O'Connor. During 1968-1970, second priest was Edmund F. Falvey.

1970 1972 St. Mary's


Found by a civil jury in 2002 to have sexually abused a boy at St. Mary's in 1971. There are known to be five victims from St. Mary's.



Teczar worked under Revs. Francis R. Rupprecht and John E. Kelley.

St. Mary's had a school with 120-103 boys and 105-98 girls.

1972 1975 St. Ann's Leominster MA


Teczar worked under Revs. Joseph J. Porello and Benedetto Visalli.

St. Ann's had a school with 187-157 students.
1975 1977 St. Aloysius Gilbertville MA


Pastor was Rev. Walter D. Mara.


1977 1980 Immaculate Conception Worcester MA


Pastor was Rev. Edward T. Connors. Priest in the second spot was William J. Raftery, followed by Teczar. In residence was Rev. Paul T. O'Connell.

1980 1983 Sacred Heart of Jesus Gardner MA


Pastor was Rev. James A. Lehane. In the third spot was Rev. John A. Dwyer. In residence was Rev. Joseph A. Adamo.

Parish had a school with 203-237 students.


Worcester Bishop was Timothy Joseph Harrington (1983-1994)

1984 St. Aloysius Rochdale MA


Working under Teczar was Rev. Stephen D. Johnson.

1983 1984 St. Jude   MA   St. Jude was a mission of St. Aloysius.
1985   House of Affirmation


Sent for treatment for "problems with anger, sexuality and alcohol use."

CA   House of Affirmation was a Treatment Center for priests.
1984 1987 Absent on Leave


Teczar was forced out of the Worcester diocese after accusations that he was "inappropriate" with a teen-age boy.




1987 1988         Not indexed in the 1988 Directory.
1988 1989 On Duty Outside the Diocese       The 1989 Directory indexes Teczar as On Duty Outside the Diocese, but does not list him in the Worcester or Fort Worth Diocesan pages.


Fort Worth bishop was Joseph Patrick Delaney (1981-2005)

  St. Patrick's Cathedral Fort Worth TX Per news reports, Teczar worked at the Cathedral for a few months under Rev. William Hoover.

Hired in 1988 by Fort Worth bishop, Delaney, after having been in treatment and out of work for about four years. Delaney knew of Teczar's history of abusing children, and acknowledged the "risk involved" in hiring him.

later admitted to having molested boys.

Aug. 1988 Aug.1989 St. Michael's


The parents of a previous Massachusetts victim of Teczar discovered he was at St. Michael's, and wrote a scathing letter to Bishop Harrington, with copies sent to Bishop Delaney in TX and to the Vatican. They filed a criminal complaint and Teczar was fined in 1991 for alcohol and delinquency charges involving young males. Delaney made Teczar pastor of four rural churches in the Fr. Worth diocese.

TX Assistant Pastor This assignment is per news reports.
1990 1993 St. Rita's


Arrested in 2002 and charged with the 1990 rape of 12 year old Ranger boy.

Three men in 2007 received a settlement from the Fort Worth diocese, due to claims that Teczar had sexually abused them at St. Rita's when they were children.

Another man in 2008 successfully sued the diocese for sexual abuse by Teczar when he was a child at St. Rita's.

TX 1/1  
1990 1992 Cisco Junior College Ranger TX    
1990 1992 Ranger Junior College Ranger TX    
1990 1993 St. John's



TX 1/1 The 1990-1993 time frame is per a Ft. Worth diocese press release.
1990 1993 Holy Rosary Cisco TX Pastor This assignment is per news reports as well as per a Ft. Worth diocese press release.
1990 1993 St. Francis Xavier


Left Texas abruptly in 1993 when there was a criminal investigation into child molestation in Eastland County, TX.
Two of Teczar's friends were the subjects of the investigation. Both were later convicted. Teczar returned to Massachussets, and lived in Dudley.

TX Pastor This assignment is per news reports. as well as per a Ft. Worth diocese press release.
1993 2003 Absent on Leave


Teczar was arrested and charged in 2002 with raping a 12 year old boy in Ranger, Texas in 1990.

MA   Teczar is not indexed in the Directories after 2003.
2003 2007  


Teczar was found guilty of sexual assault of a child March 7, 2007 Sentenced to 25 years in prison on three counts of sexual assault of a child and 15 years on one count of indecency. Sentences were to run concurrently.

2007 2015 Prison




Teczar's 2007 conviction was reversed in Oct. 2008.

In a March 2009 retrial, Teczar was convicted of the rape of sexually abuse of an 11 year-old boy in Ranger, TX in the 1990s. He was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

Teczar was defrocked by the Vatican in 2011. He died in March 2015.

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