Assignment Record– Rev. James J. Tully, S.X.

Summary of Case: A Xavierian priest ordained in 1975, Tully is accused of sexual abuse of boys in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and in Sierra Leone. He is also accused by a former Xaverian seminarian of sexual assault. He pleaded no contest in 1992 to "disorderly conduct" for plying adolescent boys with alcohol and grabbing the inner thigh of one of them. He was sentenced to two years probation and sent to Connecticut for treatment. After a 2002 accusation Tully was sent to Italy by his order. He relocated to New Jersey in late 2008, and was laicized in January 2009.

: 1975
Laicized: 2009


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Boston archbishop was Richard James Cushing (1944-1970), followed by Humberto Sousa Medeiros (1970-1983).

  St. Brendan's


Tully was accused in an April 2002 letter to the archdiocese of having sexually abused a parishioner here in 1970.

MA   This assignment is per news reports, and pre-dates Tully's ordination.
1975 1978 Xaverian Center Holliston MA    


Makeni bishop was Augusto Fermo Azzolini, s.x. (1952-1986).

1985 Xaverian Foreign Missions


In May 2010 a 40- year-old man in Sierra Leone accused Tully of having abused him and other boys during these years. The man said Tully would ply them with palm wine.

Sierra Leone    


Milwaukee archbishop was Rembert George Weakland (1977-2002).

1990 Xaverian Missionary Fathers College


Tully was accused of giving alcohol to three Milwaukee boys and grabbing one of them. He pleaded no contest to the charge of "disorderly conduct" related to this in 1992. He was sentenced to two years' probation.

A Massachusetts man settled with the Xaverians in 2005, having reported to them that Tully sexually abused him at the Xaverian Seminary in Milwaukee when the man was a 21- year-old student there in the late 1980s.

1990 1992         Tully is not indexed in the 1991, 1992, or 1993 Directories.


Hartford bishop was Daniel Anthony Cronin (1991-2003).

  Institute of Living Hartford CT patient This was a mental health center.



1994 Holy Family Monastery Farmington CT In residence. This was a monastery for the Congregation of the Passion of Jesus Christ (C.P.) Tully is the only Xaverian listed.


Makeni bishop was George Buguzzi, s.x.

1998 Xaverian Foreign Missions Makeni Sierra Leone   Although the Directories list Tully as in Sierra Leone until 2001, news outlets report he was returned to the U.S. in 1998.
1998 2002 Xaverian Foreign Missions      

The 2002 Directory indexes Tully as "Xaverian Foreign Missions", but he is not listed in the diocesan pages as in Sierra Leone or in any of the s.x. missions.

Tully is not indexed beyond the 2002 Directory.

2002 2007 Union of Superiors General Rome Italy   Per news reports, Tully worked for this association for leaders of the world's Catholic orders, and lived with the Xaverian Missionary Fathers. He arrived in Rome just after the April 2002 accusation.
November 2007 2008   Vicenza Italy  

A former seminarian victimized by Tully located him in Vicenza and publicly exposed him there via the media. (010 WINS November 20, 2008)


Paterson bishop was Arthur Joseph Serratelli (2004- ).

2009 Xaverian Missionary Fathers Wayne NJ  

Tully is said to have been moved from Italy to the Xaverian's New Jersey headquarters in 2008.


Tully was laicized in January 2009.

  2010   Little Falls NJ   Tully was known in June 2010 to be living here.

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