Assignment Record – Rev. Roger Vaughn, o.s.c.

Summary of Case: A priest of the Crosier order, Vaughn was accused in a 2006 lawsuit of the sexual abuse of a Minnesota boy in the 1970s. The Directories show that Vaughn was subsequently moved to the Chicago Crosier community, and then to New Rochelle, NY. He is last known to have been a chaplain at a Staten Island hospital in 2000.

Ordained: 1977


Start Stop Parish/Assignment Town/Accusations State Position Notes


St. Cloud bishop was George Henry Speltz (1968- 1987)

1980 Crosier Monastery and Seminary


Vaughn was accused in a 2006 lawsuit of having sexually abused a boy in the 1970s; the boy was a student at the Crosier minor seminary. His accuser said there were multiple Crosier perpetrators and that the seminary was "a house of horrors".

MN Vocation Director At least nine men eventually came forward with allegations that they were sexually abused as children by Crosiers in MN.
1980 1984 St. Peter's St. Cloud MN 2/2 St. Peer's had a school that served St. Peter's and St. Paul's parishes; it had a primary (k-4) l with 260-282 students and a middle school with 254-186 students.
1984 1987         Vaughn is not indexed in the 1985, 1986 or 1987 Directories.


Chicago archbishop was Joseph Louis Bernadin (1982-1996)

1988 Crosier Community of Chicago Chicago IL Rector There is a Roger W. Vaughn, ofm.Cap indexed in the 1988 Directory as at the College of Mt. St. Vincent, in New York's Bronx neighborhood. This Vaughn is not indexed in previous or subsequent Directories.


New York archbishop was John Joseph O'Connor (1984-2000), followed by Edward Michael Egan (2000-2009)

2003 New Rochelle NY Crosiers New Rochelle NY  

The 2000 and 2001 Directories index a Roger Vaughn (NY) as at St. Vincent's Medical Center of Richmond on Staten Island.

Vaughn is not indexed beyond the 2003 Directory.

2003           A Fr. Roger W. Vaughn is pictured as a parish staff member on the website of the Orthodox-Catholic Church's Parish Community of St. John in NYC's website. Last updated in 2010, it says, "Roger lives in Yonkers and has many years experience in campus and hospital chaplaincy, and in social services."


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