Assignment Record -– Rev. William J. Walsh, S.J.

Summary of Case: A Jesuit of the Maryland Province ordained in 1954, Walsh's assignments took him from the archdiocese of Baltimore to Pittsburgh PA, where he was the founding headmaster of a diocesan pre-seminary high school in the early 1960s. His assignments included several stints at Georgetown University in Washington DC, and at the Jesuit Novitiate in Allentown, PA. After five years as assistant for formation and studies at the Province's Curia in the 1980s, Walsh spent a year with the Jesuit community in Berkeley, CA, then several years as rector in two different Philadelphia Jesuit residences. In 1991 Walsh began work as a foreign missionary in China. In 1996 five of his nieces reported to his order that Walsh had sexually abused them when they were little girls some 40 years previously; they were prompted to act when Walsh wrote to a relative that he had befriended a 3-year-old girl in China. Walsh was sent to treatment. He lived in a Jesuit community at Georgetown in DC until 1998, when he was transferred to the Jesuit's Ferdinand Wheeler House in Baltimore, MD. In 2010 he was moved to the Jesuits' Colombiere Community in Baltimore.

Ordained: 1954

Start Stop Assignment Town/Accusation State/Country Position Notes


Baltimore archbishop was Francis Patrick Keough (1947-1961).

1955 Woodstock College


In 1996 five nieces of Walsh reported to the Jesuits that the priest sexually abused them as children, at least 40 years previously. Walsh was in China when his nieces came forward; they were prompted to act when Walsh wrote to a relative that he had befriended a 3-year-old girl in China.



Albany bishop was William Aloysius Scully (1954-1969).

1956 Jesuit Tertianship Auriesville
NY   .


Baltimore archdiocese

1961 St. Ignatius Baltimore
MD   Walsh is indexed in the Official Catholic Directories
as at 720 N. Calvert St., which was the residence for priestsof St. Ignatius, but he is not listed there in the diocesan pages.


Pittsburgh bishop was John Joseph Wright (1959-1969).

1965 Bishop's Latin School Pittsburgh

1/4, 1/6, 1/10


School had 52-148 students, all male.
1965 1966         Indexed but not listed in the Directory's diocesan pages
at the Faculty House for Bishop's Latin School in Pittsburgh


Washington D.C. archbishop was Patrick Aloysius O'Boyle (1947-1973).

1967 Georgetown University Washington


Allentown bishop was Joseph Mark McShea (1961-1983).

1973 Novitiate of St. Isaac Jogues Wernersville
PA In residence.  


O'Boyle was succeeded by William Wakefield Baum (1973-1980).

1975 Georgetown University Washington


Allentown diocese

1979 Novitiate of St. Isaac Jogues Wernersville
PA In residence 1975-1976; Co-director of Novices 1976-1979.  
1979 1980         Not indexed the Directory.


Baltimore archbishop was William Donald Borders (1974-1989).

1985 Jesuit Fathers and Brothers Maryland Provincial Curia Baltimore MD Assistant for Formation and Studies  


Oakland bishop was John Stephen Cummins (1977-2003).

1986 Jesuit Community Berkeley CA    


Philadelphia archbishop was John Joseph Krol (1961-1988), followed by Anthony Joseph Bevilacqua (1987-2003).

1991 St. Alphonsus House at St. Joseph University Philadelphia
PA Rector St. Alphonsus House was a Jesuit residence.
1989 1991 Loyola Center at St. Joseph University Philadelphia
PA Rector Loyola Center was a Jesuit residence.
1991 1996 Foreign Mission   China   Walsh was recalled from China and sent to treatment in 1996 after his five nieces reported that he sexually abused them as little girls.


Washington D.C. archbishop was James Aloysius Hickey (1980-2000).

1998 Woodstock Jesuit Community; Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University Washington
DC 5/6  


Baltimore archbishop was William Henry Keeler (1989-2007), followed by Edwin Frederick O'Brien (2007-2011).

2010 Ferdinand Wheeler House Baltimore MD  


William Edward Lori replaced O'Brien as Baltimore archbishop (2012-).

2012 Colombiere Jesuit Community Baltimore MD   Walsh is not indexed in the 2013

Sources: Official Catholic Directory (New York: Kenedy & Sons, 1955-2012).

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