Assignment Record – Rev. Mark H. Wehmann

Summary of Case: A St. Paul-Minneapolis priest ordained in 2003, Wehmann has been the subject of several reported incidents of "boundary violations" with children. Among these was a 2006 report by a family about Wehmann's overly intimate behavior with their children when he was a guest in their home. He admitted to the behavior, which included what the priest called "root beer kisses." Wehmann was placed on leave in December 2013. In June 2016 Archbishop Hebda announced that Wehmann would be returned to active ministry, as recommended by the Ministerial Review Board.

Ordained: 2003


Start Stop Parish/Assignment Town/Accusations State/Country Position Notes


St. Paul and Minneapolis archbishop was Harry Joseph Flynn (1995-2008).

2005 Holy Trinity South St. Paul MN 2/2, 1/1 Holy Trinity had a school with 349 students, and a religious education program with 187-178 students.
2003 2005 St. Augustine's South St. Paul MN 2/2, 1/1 St. Augustine's had a religious education program with 178 students.
2005 2007 Church of the Epiphany

Coon Rapids

• In 2006 the parents of two young children reported to Epiphany school officials behavior by Wehmann in their home with their two young children that concerned them. They said Wehmann gave the children what he called "root beer barrel kisses", whereby two people put their cheeks together then stick their tongues toward their cheeks. They said, too, that Wehmann patted one of the children on the hip as they sat side by side. Wehmann admitted to the behavior. The incidents were reported to law enforcement; Wehmann was not charged.

MN 4/5 Epiphany had a school with 750 students and a religious education program with 1,140-1,027 students.
2007 2008         Wehmann is not indexed in the 2008 Directory.


John Clayton Nienstedt succeeded Flynn as archbishop (2008-).

2009 St. Vincent de Paul Brooklyn Park MN 2/2 St. Vincent de Paul's had a school with 425 students, and a religious education program with 1,055 students.
2009 2013 St. Bridget of Sweden Lindstrom MN 1/1 St. Bridget's had a religious education program with 319-269 students.
    Fairview University Hospital Minneapolis MN part-time chaplain  
    Chisago County Jail Center City MN chaplain  
July 2013 December 2013 St. Boniface Minneapolis MN pastor Wehmann was placed on leave by the archdiocese in December 2013 due to several reports of "boundary violations" with children.
December 2013 June 2016 Administrative Leave Minneapolis MN   Archbishop Hebda announced on June 24, 2016 that Wehmann would be returned to active ministry, as recommended by the Ministerial Review Board. He stated that Wehmann had received extensive professional counseling and spiritual direction.


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