Assignment Record – Bishop G. Patrick Ziemann

Summary of Case: Ordained for the Los Angeles archdiocese in 1967, Ziemann spent much of his career at Our Lady Queen of the Angels high school seminary where he served as teacher, spiritual director, vice-rector, and dean of studies. He was elevated to Auxiliary Bishop in 1987, then to Bishop of Santa Rosa in 1992. In 1999 a younger priest of the diocese accused Ziemann of coercing him into sex over a two year period, ending in 1998. Ziemann abruptly resigned, admitting to a sexual relationship with the priest, but denying coercing him. In 2002 a man accused Ziemann of sexually abusing him beginning in 1968, when the man was a sixth-grade altar boy, and continuing for almost twenty years. This accuser claimed that Ziemann began to pay him for sex when he was 17 years-old. Ziemann denied the allegations. Another man surfaced in the early 2000s with claims that Ziemann sexually abused him as an altar boy in the 1960s, and a third man in 2004 accused Ziemann of sexually assaulting him as a boy in the 1970s, on the grounds of Our Lady's high school seminary. After stepping down Ziemann spent some time in an east coast residential treatment program. In 2000 he settled into a 'life of prayer and study' at a Benedictine monastery in the Tucson diocese. Ziemann died in October 2009.

: April 29, 1967
Incardinated: Los Angeles
Appointed: Auxiliary Bishop Dec. 23, 1986
Appointed: Bishop of Santa Rosa July 14, 1992
Retired: July 1999
Died: Oct. 22, 2009


Start Stop Parish/Assignment Town/Accusations State Position Notes


Los Angeles archbishop was James Francis Aloysius McIntyre (1948-1970), followed by Timothy Manning (1970-1985)

1971 St. Matthias

Huntington Park

Ziemann was accused in a July 2002 lawsuit of sexually abusing a boy, beginning in 1968 when the accuser was a sixth grader and altar boy at St. Matthias, and continuing until Ziemann was appointed auxiliary bishop in 1987. Ziemann denied the allegations. Ziemann's accuser also said Ziemann started to pay him for sex at age 17, and that payments continued after the sexual encounters stopped, until Zeimann stepped down in 1999.

A second man accused Ziemann in the early 2000s of having sexually abused him when he was a St. Matthias altar boy in the 1960s. Ziemann denied the charges.

CA 3/3, 3/4 St. Matthias had a grade school with 420-389 students, and a high school with 328-363 students, all girls.
1971 1974 Holy Family Orange CA

4/4 In residence.

Holy Family had a school with 571-526 students.
1970 1973 Priests' Senate Los Angeles CA secretary 1971-1973  
1971 1974 Mater Dei High School Santa Ana CA religion teacher Mater Dei had 895-969 boys and 933-875 girls.
1976 1980 Placement Board Los Angeles CA    


Mannning was succeeded as Los Angeles archbishop by Roger Michael Mahony (1985-2011)

1987 Our Lady Queen of the Angels Seminary

San Fernando

Ziemann was accused in a 2004 lawsuit of sexual assault of a boy on the high school seminary's grounds in the 1970s.

CA spiritual director 1974-1979; teacher; vice-rector; dean of studies 1979-1987 This high school seminary had 85-155 students.
1987 1992 Auxilliary Bishop Los Angeles CA auxiliary bishop, Santa Barbara region

Ziemann was appointed Auxiliary Bishop Dec. 29, 1986, and ordained Feb. 23, 1987.

Ziemann has been criticized for ignoring reports of sexual abuse by priests during his tenure.

1987 1992 Vicar General Los Angeles CA    
1992 1999 Bishop

Santa Rosa



Ziemann was appointed Bishop of Santa Rosa in July, 1992.

He abruptly resigned in July 1999 after a priest of the diocese accused him in a lawsuit of sexually assaulting him over a two year period ending in 1998. Ziemann had previously removed the priest from a Ukiah parish for stealing; his accuser said Ziemann coerced him into sexual activity in exchange for the bishop's silence in regard to the reason for the priest's removal. Ziemann denied the allegations. Ziemann admitted to sex with the priest, but said it was consensual.

1999 2000         Ziemann spent time at a residential treatment program in the East.


Tucson bishop was Manuel Duran Moreno (1982-2003), who was replaced by Gerald Frederick Kicanas (2003-)

2009 Holy Trinity Monastery and Holy Family Convent St. David AZ life of prayer and study This is a Benedictine monastery.

Ziemann died Oct. 22, 2009.


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