Files of Rev. Joseph E. Birmingham

These documents from the personnel file of Rev. Joseph E. Birmingham were obtained from the documents filed in the case of Ford v. Law: the Birmingham document production, the Birmingham appendix to the plaintiffs' Pattern and Practice brief, and exhibits from the deposition of Bishop John B. McCormack. This constitutes a small but revealing portion of the full Birmingham file, supplemented by affidavits and deposition excerpts from the Pattern and Practice brief. See Paul Cultrera's Statement to Bishop McCormack and the Pattern and Practice essay in the Ford v. Law case for useful selections of the Birmingham documents with links.

Description From To Date Bates From To Addendum Doc. No.
Birmingham Assignment Record Chancery File 1989 Birmingham 2.33   See also the PDF.
Notes on meeting with Birmingham and accusers Msgr. Thomas J. Finnegan File 1964-11-04 Birmingham 2.1   See also the PDF.
Notes on meeting (same document with different redactions) Msgr. Thomas J. Finnegan File 1964-11-04 JB 0004    
Letter about Salem allegations Fr. Patrick J. Kelly Fr. John J. Jennings 1970-01-17 Birmingham 2.5 2.6 See also the PDF.
Letter calling Birmingham fit to be pastor Dr. Philip Quinn Fr. Robert J. Banks 1985-05-16 Birmingham 2.1    
Notes on meeting with victim and Birmingham's admission Bishops Mulcahy & Banks File 1987-02-12 Birmingham 2.11   See also the PDF.
Handwritten draft of Mulcahy & Banks notes Bishops Mulcahy & Banks File 1987-02-12 Birmingham 2.12 2.14  
Institute of Living report Evelyn Necochea Fr. John B. McCormack 1987-03-25 Birmingham 2.20 2.21A  
Letter asking about Birmingham's assignments Parishioner of St. Ann's Cardinal Bernard Law 1987-04-04 Birmingham 2.22 2.23 See also the PDF.
Evasive response to the parishioner Fr. John B. McCormack Parishioner of St. Ann's 1987-04-14 Birmingham 2.25   See also the PDF.
Handwritten note about Institute of Living expenses Fr. Joseph Birmingham Fr. John B. McCormack 1987-05-18 Birmingham 2.26    
Bill for Birmingham's therapy Dr. John J. Curran RCAB 1987-10-10 JB 248    
Claim letter on behalf of the victim who met with Bishop Mulcahy on 1987-02-12 (see above) Jeffrey E. Rossman Wilson D. Rogers 1990-11-09 JB 0014 0015 See also the PDF.
Release of All Claims Survivor Chancery 1991-03-19 Birmingham 2.50 2.53 See also the PDF.
Notes on discussion with Sr. Grace Kenning Sr. Catherine E. Mulkerrin File 1992-10-13 JB 0016 0017 See also the PDF.
Notes on another call with Sr. Grace Kenning and Cardinal Law's awareness Sr. Catherine E. Mulkerrin File 1992-10-14 JB 0018   See also the PDF.
Summary of allegations in the file     1992-10-14 JB 0019 0020 See also the PDF.
Memo on call from victim first abused before Birmingham was ordained Sr. Catherine E. Mulkerrin McCormack 1993-02-17 JB 0021 0022 See also the PDF.
Memo reporting a call from a victim from St. James in Salem Fr. Kevin Deeley McCormack 1993-12-09 JB 0023   See also the PDF.
Memo reporting meeting with Paul Cultrera from St. James in Salem Sr. Rita McCarthy McCormack 1994-08-19 JB 0024   See also the PDF.
Memo reporting that Sr. Grace Kenney had called Sr. Rita to report that some Birmingham victims from St. James in Salem were talking with each other (see above) Sr. Rita McCarthy Fr. Brian Flatley 1995-01-23        
Letter describing the St. James' parents' meetings with Sr. Grace and Msgr. Jennings Mary McGee Paul Cultrera 1995-02-02 McCormack Ex. 30    
Ad by St. James victim, with letter replying to a respondent from St. Columbkille's in Brighton St. James victim Someone who responded to ad 1995-03-21        
Notes on accusations & "space for floats" Sr. Rita McCarthy File 1995-07-14 Birmingham 2.88    
Notes on accusation and therapy (see B 2.88) Sr. Rita McCarthy File 1995-09-11 Birmingham 2.91    
Note about meeting victim regarding therapy Sr. Rita McCarthy File 1995-09-26 Birmingham 2.92    
Demand letter on behalf of Paul Cultrera with summary of archdiocesan actions Matthew J. McNamara Wilson Rogers 1995-12-14 JB 0030 0036 See also the PDF.
Memo reporting a meeting with a victim first abused at age 11 on a ski trip Sr. Rita McCarthy Fr. Charles Higgins 2001-08-16 JB 0039 0040  
Email about Hogan's abuse at St. James and McCormack's knowledge Jamie Hogan Robert A. Sherman 2002-06-02 McCormack Ex. 27    
Fax stating that the author had asked McCormack in 1969-70 to help remove Birmingham from St. James because of the "molestation of parish boys." McCormack promised "the matter would be resolved." [redacted] Roderick MacLeish 2002-06-03 McCormack Ex. 29    
Relevant excerpts from deposition Bishop John B. McCormack   2002-06-03        
Affidavit Beatrice Ciaramitaro   2002-06-20        
Third Amended Complaint, Hogan et al. v. RCAB Robert A. Sherman   2002-08-05        
Relevant excerpts from deposition Cardinal Bernard Law   2002-10-11        
Affidavit May Elaine (Carrette) McGee   2003-03-10        
Affidavit John Doe 3   2003-07-18        
Affidavit Thomas R. Blanchette   2003-07-18        


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