The Geoghan Documents

By the Spotlight Team: Walter V. Robinson, Stephen Kurkjian, Matt Carroll, Sacha Pfeiffer, and Michael Rezendes
Boston Globe
January 24, 2002

On January 24, 2002, the Boston Globe published the Spotlight Team's analysis of John Geoghan's personnel file, which the newspaper had gone to court to make public. Following the Globe's January 6-7, 2002 articles, this feature was an important milestone in coverage of the crisis, increasing the public's understanding of diocesan documents and the mechanisms of priest transfers. On this page we present enhanced versions of the articles in this important feature, with all the photographs and documents in the original print edition, as well as links to the documents discussed in the articles. We also provide a reading copy of the original print edition.

Articles in The Geoghan Documents

Documents Show Church Long Supported Geoghan: Officials Gave Comfort Despite Abuse Charges, by Walter Robinson and Matt Carroll
          • A Forgiving Reply to a Plea for Action [letters by Margaret Gallant and Cardinal Humberto Medeiros]

Memos Offer Split View of Priest: Medical Records Contrast on Risk, by Michael Rezendes
          • Written Reports Clash with Verbal Assessment [3 doctors' assessments vs. Banks notes]

Letters Exhibit Gentle Approach Toward Priest, by Sacha Pfeiffer
          • Letters of Compassion to Geoghan [excerpts of 9 documents with links to originals]

Officials Avoided Confronting Priest, by Stephen Kurkjian

The Troubled History of John Geoghan, January 24, 2002

Law Says He Won't Quit over Scandal, by Michael Paulson


Reading Copy of the Original Print Edition

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