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Faith Betrayed

In February 1997, the Indianapolis Star published a series of articles about the Diocese of Lafayette, Indiana, describing sexual abuse by priests and the administrative methods of Bishop William Higi and his vicar general, Robert Sell (see photos at left). These two men still lead the Lafayette diocese, and one of the offending priests whom they managed, Ron Voss, is currently working in Haiti.

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February 16, 1997
* Faith Betrayed, by Linda Graham Caleca and Richard D. Walton [Msgr. Sego and Revs. Voss, Bohlinger, and Wieber]
* Trusting Young Victims, All Easy Prey, by Richard D. Wagon and Linda Graham Caleca [victims of Msgr. Sego and Revs. Voss and Bohlinger]
* Sins of the Fathers (February 16, 1997) [thumbnail sketches of 16 priests]
* Chicago Archdiocese Broke Mold with Open Investigation, by Judith Cebula
* Confessions: A Glimpse into the Minds of Priests Who Preyed, by Linda Graham Caleca and Richard D. Walton [Msgr. Sego and Rev. Bohlinger]
* About This Series
* Where to Get Help

February 17, 1997
* The Bishop's Justice, by Linda Graham Caleca and Richard D. Walton [dividing minor victims into child and teenage categories]
* Bishop's Words Reveal Struggle over Friends Who Abused [Higi and Sell discuss Voss and Sego]

February 18, 1997
* Abuse of the Collar, by Richard D. Walton and Linda Graham Caleca [Revs. Moran and Mahalic and seminarians]
* Seminaries Work to Make Celibacy Pledge Practical, by Judith Cebula [St. Meinrad School of Theology in the Indianapolis archdiocese]

February 20, 1997
* Bishop Will Look to Chicago Archdiocese for Help, by Will Higgins

March 2, 1997
* Priest Series Stirs Protest, Praise, Calls for Action, by Linda Graham Caleca and Richard D. Walton

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