Redacted Timelines and Supporting Documents
Regarding Fr. Arthur Perrault, Fr. Jason Sigler,
and Fr. Sabine Griego

October 19, 2017

These files and supporting documents were redacted and released pursuant to Judge Alan M. Malott’s October 11, 2017 Order Allowing Disclosure, in Jane Doe "D" et al. v. Archdiocese of Santa Fe et al.  Judge Malott was responding to the Plaintiff's request for permission to release the documents supporting their timelines of transfers, notice, and abuse, and to KOB-TV's request for access to those documents. The timelines and supporting documents were produced by the Law Offices of Brad D. Hall.

We have optimized the files for somewhat easier download (they are still quite large), and we have added page numbers to each file in the lower left corner of the page, for easier handling and reference. We have not changed the content of the files in any way.

Some supporting documents listed in the timelines do not appear in the files. They were removed to comply with Judge Malott’s Order before the files were released.

• Exhibit 1: Redacted Timeline of Fr. Arthur Perrault with Supporting Documents [406 pages; 49 megabyte file]

• Exhibit 2: Redacted Timeline of Fr. Jason Sigler with Supporting Documents [405 pages; 47 megabyte file]

• Exhibit 3: Redacted Timeline of Fr. Sabine Griego with Supporting Documents [181 pages; 17 megabyte file]























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