Rev. Louis A. Telegdy, C.PP.S – Assignments

Summary of Case: Credibly accused of sexually abusing three boys at St. Francis parish in Mystic IA, where he was pastor (1956-61). Credibly accused after 1995 of abusing one child in the Owensboro diocese, where he worked in three parishes 1972-1978. Ordained in 1942, Telegdy lived and worked for 42 years at 15 parishes in 11 states (10 of them as pastor), and 8 of the parishes had schools. Telegdy was an active Boy Scout leader and official, and was chaplain at the Philmont Scout Camp in New Mexico in 1955, 1956, and 1958. Late in his career he was chaplain of a Stockton youth training center in the California prison system for 6 years. Telegdy was finally called back to the Stigmatine's St. Charles Seminary in Carthagena OH in 1984. He died about 10 years later in 1995.

: 3/8/4242
Order: Stigmatine priest - Society of the Precious Blood (C.PP.S.)
Died: 1/21/95

Start Stop Parish Town State Position Comment


Bishop was John F. Noll (1925-1956)

1951 St. John the Baptist

Hammond (and Whiting)
4/4, 2/4, 2/5, 3/5

Fort Wayne diocese, Official Catholic Directory listing. Telegdy was in charge of the altar boys. Stigmatine parish. Whiting was an immigrant community between Gary IN and Chicago.

The parish school was run by the Sisters of Providence. It had 531 pupils in the 1943 Directory and 649 in the 1951 Directory. Telegdy was in charge of the sports teams.

As of 7/23/19, the Fort Wayne diocesan list of credibly accused did not include Telegdy.


Bishop was Peter L. Ireton (1945-1958)

1952 St. Patrick


Richmond diocese, Directory listing.

The parish school was run by the Daughters of the Charity of St. Vincent de Paul: 42 boys, 133 girls.

As of 7/23/19, the Richmond diocesan list of credibly accused did not include Telegdy.


Bishop was Peter W. Bartholome (1953-1968)

  St. James Maine

St. Cloud diocese. Assignment is not listed in the Directory, but it is listed in a history of St. James parish. Maine is in western Minnesota; the nearest town of any size is Fergus Falls MN.

As of 7/23/19, the St. Cloud diocesan list of credibly accused did not include Telegdy.

1953 1954 Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mayhew Lake
1/1 as administrator, then apparently in residence. The pastor for 1954 is Rev. Eberle. St. Cloud diocese, Directory listing. Listed as administrator in the 1953 Directory, but in the 1954 Directory, the index locates him at this Annunciation church, but in the diocesan entry, Telegdy is not listed, even as an administrator. Mayhew Lake is in northeastern Minnesota, a few miles from the Canadian border.


Bishop was Edward F. Hoban (1945-1966)

1956 Our Lady of Good Counsel


Cleveland diocese, Directory listing.

The parish school was run by Sisters of the Precious Blood: 1,140 pupils in the 1955 Directory, and 1,183 in the 1956 Directory. This was a Stigmatine parish.

As of 7/23/19, the Cleveland diocesan list of priests with substantiated allegations did not include Telegdy.


Bishop was Ralph L. Hayes (1944-1966)

1961 St. Francis


• Telegdy is accused in a lawsuit of sexual abuse during his time at this parish. The complaint included the Davenport diocese as a defendant, but the diocese was subsequently dropped from the suit.

• The 7/14/08 diocesan list of credibly accused priests states that Telegdy is "accused of sexual abuse of 3 male minors," presumably including the complainant in the suit mentioned above.

Pastor, 1/1. Davenport diocese, Directory listing. St. Francis was one of a small group of parishes in Appanoose County staffed by Stigmatine priests. The core parish of this group was St. Mary's in Centerville, first staffed by Stigmatines in 1938.


Bishop was George A. Hammes (1960-1985)

1962 St. John the Baptist

Rib Lake
Pastor, 1/1.

Superior diocese, Directory listing, and also a parish history. Rib Lake is a small town in rural north central Wisconsin, in the North Woods area.

As of 7/23/19, the Superior diocese had not made public a list of accused priests.



1966 St. Anthony Park Falls
Pastor, 1/2.

Superior diocese, Directory listing. Park Falls is a medium-sized town in northern Wisconsin.

The parish school was run by Franciscan nuns: 476 pupils in the 1963 OCD, 400 pupils in the 1966 OCD.


Bishop was Marion F. Forst (1960-1976)

1968 St. Mary's Garden City
Pastor, 1/2, 1/3.

Dodge City diocese, Directory listing. Garden City is a county seat on the Arkansas River in western Kansas.

The parish school was run by the Sisters of St. Dominic: in 1967 Directory, 242 boys, 249 girls; in 1968 Directory, 165 boys, 167 girls.

As of 7/23/19, the Dodge City diocese had not made public a list of accused priests.


Bishop was Hilary B. Hacker (1956-1982)

1969 St. Joseph's Beulah
Pastor, 1/1, then apparently in residence.

Bismarck diocese, Directory listing. For 1968-69, Telegdy is listed as pastor. In the 1970-72 Directories, he's indexed as being at St. Joseph's, but his name doesn't appear in the diocesan entry. Instead, the pastor for 1970 is Rev. William Higgins, and in the 1971-72 Directory, the pastor is Rev. Harold F. Roth.

As of 7/23/19, the Bismarck diocese had not made public a list of accused priests.


Bishop was Raymond J. Gallagher (1965-1982)

1972 St. Peter's Winamac

Lafayette IN diocese. Telegdy is not indexed here in these years, but he is listed at St. Peter's in Winamac in the Lafayette IN pages of the Official Catholic Directories 1970-1972.

The parish school was run by three Sisters of St. Joseph and had 128 pupils in 1969-1970. After that school year, the parish is not listed as having a school.

As of 7/23/19, the Lafayette IN diocese had not made public a list of accused priests.


Bishop was Henry J. Soenneker (1961-1982)

1974 St. Francis Borgia


• The 4/12/19 diocesan list of priests with substantiated allegations states that Owensboro received one allegation of abuse by Telegdy. The list provides information on his three assignments, but does not specify where the abuse occurred.

Pastor, 1/1. Owensboro diocese, Directory listing. Telegdy was also responsible for two missions: St. Ambrose in Henshaw and St. William in Marion
1974 1976 Sacred Heart Russellville
Pastor, 1/1. Owensboro diocese, Directory listing. The parish school had 2 lay teachers and 38 pupils in the 1975 Directory.
1976 1978 St. Pius X

Calvert City
Pastor, 1/1. Owensboro diocese, Directory listing.


Bishop was Merlin J. Guilfoyle (1969-1979)

1979 St. Anthony

In residence, 5/5

Stockton diocese, Directory listing. This was a Stigmatine parish, and while Telegdy was in residence, he served as a chaplain

The parish school had 10 lay teachers and 274 pupils.

As of 7/23/19, the Stockton diocesan list of credibly accused did not include Telegdy.


Bishop was Roger M. Mahony (1980-1985)

1984 DeWitt Nelson Training Center Stockton
Chaplain Stockton diocese. DeWitt Nelson is a training center for juvenile offenders that opened in 1971 as part of the Northern California Youth Center in Stockton. After living in the St. Anthony rectory in Manteca, Telegdy moved to 470 Northgate Dr., Apt. 25, in Manteca. But by the 1982 Directory, his address is a P.O. Box.


Archbishop was Daniel J. Pilarczyk (1982-2009)

1995 St. Charles Seminary


Cincinnati archdiocese, Directory listing. St. Charles is the Stigmatine seminary in the Cincinnati province of the order where Telegdy trained for the priesthood.

As of 7/23/19, the Cincinnati archdiocesan list of credibly accused did not include Telegdy.

Source: The Official Catholic Directory (New York: Kenedy and Sons, 1943-95).

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This assignment record collates Telegdy's long career history as it is represented in the Official Catholic Directory with the one known allegation. This assignment record is likely not a complete list of the allegations against Telegdy. We make no representation regarding the truth of the allegations we report, and we remind our readers that in the U.S. judicial system, a person is considered innocent until proven guilty.

A Note on Nomenclature: We use the term "assignment record," instead of the more common "service record," because "service" is not an appropriate word for the activities of an abusive priest. Dioceses are often less than forthcoming about the activities of retired priests, but when we can determine those activities, we list them in these assignment records, particularly if they involve ministry. Retired priests remain under obedience to their bishop, and even the activities of laicized priests should be a concern to the diocese.

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