Church Leadership Failure Led to Scandal

Letter to the Editor
Quad-City Times
April 28, 2002

As a response to the article carried in the Burlington Hawk Eye on April 19, and as a victim of one of these pedophile priests here in Burlington, I'd like to remind people that one of the reasons we victims no longer trust the church as a whole is because of its insistence that the priest remain protected at the expense of the victims themselves.

It's not just a matter of wanting to be Catholic again. It's an issue of whether or not the hierarchy above the parish level is to be trusted.

For many of us, the question remains: Are our children safe today around these people?.

If there is a policy (as the bishop states), why isn't it common/public knowledge?

What is it they are reviewing regarding this policy?

Why is the policy only six years old when the sexual abuse has been going on and being covered up for at least 40 years?

The church must have known that treating pedophiles doesn't work. Still, they put them among us repeatedly.

Our leadership betrayed us, and now wants us to trust them with this terribly legal and moral problem. The church earned this reputation.

Continuing to keep all these secrets will only make things worse and the church less credible. Openness is what is needed and wanted.

This is our church. We want it cleaned up.

David Waldorf
Burlington, Iowa


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