Allegations of Sexual Abuse
at Catholic Residential Institutions
in the United States

This webpage provides a sample of Catholic residential institutions in the United States where sexual abuse of minors has been alleged or accused clerics have worked. Many aspects of the allegations in these cases will be familiar from the Ryan report on abuse in Irish institutions.
• In Washington State, the Christian Brothers of Ireland settled with two dozen alleged victims in a single residential school.
• In Wisconsin, the director of a school for the deaf admitted to sexually abusing at least 30 boys and may have molested 200 or more.
• In Vermont, church officials settled with 75 men and women alleging physical and sexual abuse of shocking brutality at an orphanage.
• In Kentucky, an order of nuns settled with 45 men and women alleging physical and sexual abuse at another orphanage.

The table currently provides information on 31 residential institutions where 112 priests, brothers, nuns, seminarians, and lay people have been accused of sexually abusing children. In addition, 6 persons who are accused of sexual abuse elsewhere also worked at an institution on our list. For a report on our residential institution project and two institutions in the Boston archdiocese, see A Search For Links Between U.S., Irish Church Abuse, by Deborah Becker, WBUR (8/12/09).

The large numbers of alleged victims, the horrific nature of the abuse, and the advantage taken of entirely vulnerable children in 24-hour care, all link these U.S. cases unmistakably with the Irish situation. Ireland’s system of Catholic residential institutions for children was centralized and state-financed, whereas in the United States, the situation was more diverse. Residential institutions for Native Americans in the Western United States were state-financed but staffed by men and women religious, whereas orphanages and homes for disabled children were run by dioceses and religious orders. Yet there were financial and operational connections between the state and the Catholic institutions.

Almost every diocese had its orphanages, residential schools for the handicapped, and minor seminaries. Both the Irish and American systems endured robustly into the 1980s and in several cases into the 1990s. The Catholic church still operates many U.S. orphanages to this day. In fact, the 2009 edition of the Official Catholic Directory lists 403 orphanages currently operated by the Catholic church in the United States, up from 279 in 1960.

In both countries, inspection and supervision were lax to nonexistent, and in the resulting vacuum, children were tortured and raped. In the United States, brutal and depraved regimes often thrived in dioceses run by eminent bishops, and in Vermont, a future bishop is alleged to have abused an orphan at one of the worst institutions.

These institutions were often staffed and operated by international religious orders with shared policies and practices and a global population of priests, brothers, and nuns.

It is an urgent question, whether institutional abuse in the United States was similar in scope and depravity to the abuse analyzed in the Ryan report. The sample presented below would suggest that it was. has launched a project to assess the breadth and depth of institutional abuse in the Roman Catholic church in the United States. We urgently request that anyone with articles, documents, or other information contact us at This database will be updated frequently as our research progresses. The latest update began on March 7, 2013 and is in progress.

The priests, brothers, nuns, and lay people listed in each institution have been accused of abuse there, unless it is noted that they have been accused of abuse elsewhere but not, to our knowledge, at the institution in question. For best printing of this table, click Properties in your Print dialogue box and select Landscape. is also at work on several projects that are related to our analysis of abuse in Catholic residential institutions in the United States:

  • We are preparing an enhanced web version of the Ryan report, hyperlinked to allow readers to navigate the report more easily and to access sources that complement the report. One Irish survivor has expressed the hope that the Ryan report will not just gather dust on a shelf. We aim to keep the Ryan report in plain view.

  • We are compiling a database of Irish priests who were subsequently sent to work in the United States and have been accused of abuse. Irish readers would put Rev. Brendan Smyth, O. Praem., at the top of the list, and American readers will be familiar with the cases of Rev. Oliver F. O'Grady and Bishop Anthony J. O'Connell. There are many others. We are fortunate to be working on this project with Mr. Joe Rigert, author of An Irish Tragedy, the best account of abuse in the Irish and American churches and the links between them.

  • Then we will post a database of publicly accused Irish priests, using the same methods we have employed in our database of accused priests in the United States, which contains information on over 3,000 accused priests, brothers, and nuns. The database of Irish priests will depend on allegations published in the media and documented in publicly available court documents, and as such, it will present only part of the total picture. But it will be a start. We have much to learn about the Irish situation, and we are grateful to knowledgeable persons in Ireland who have already contacted us to offer their help.

    We invite friends in Ireland to contact us at

For more information on these projects, see U.S. Watchdog Preparing Report on Child Abuse, by Kevin Cullen, Irish Times, June 20, 2009.

Institution/Order/Accused Diocese State Sources
McGill Institute
   Brothers of the Sacred Heart
   1501 Old Shell Rd.
   Mobile AL 36604
      • Br. Nicholas Paul Bendillo SC(a.k.a., “Brother Vic”)
Mobile AL Man Accuses 'Brother Vic' of Sex, Deceit, Mobile Register (4/13/03)
Sex Abuse Victim Breaks His Silence, (4/25/03)
Motion Alleges More Victims, by Gary McElroy, Mobile Register (10/2/03)

St. Anthony's Seminary High School
   Order of Friars Minor (Franciscans)
   2300 Garden St.
   Santa Barbara CA 93105
      • Rev. Chris Berbena OFM
      • Mr. Ed Byrom
      • Rev. David Carriere OFM
      • Rev. Mario Cimmarrusti OFM
      • Br. Berard Connolly OFM
      • Rev. Owen Da Silva OFM
      • Br. Kevin Dunne OFM
      • Br. David Johnson OFM
      • Rev. Steven Kain OFM
      • Br. Gus Krumm OFM
      • Rev. Martin McKeon OFM
      • Br. Tom Thing OFM
      • Rev. Robert Van Handel OFM
      • Rev. Philip Wolfe OFM

Los Angeles CA Report to Father Joseph P. Chinnici, O.F.M., by Geoffrey B. Stearns, Ray Higgins, et al., Independent Board of Inquiry Regarding St. Anthony Seminary (11/93)
Molested at St. Anthony's, by Andrew Rice, Santa Barbara Independent (12/2/93)
Silence Hid Evil Secret, by Victor Inzunza and Morgan Green, Santa Barbara News-Press (12/5/93)
Application to Amend Complaint in John Roe 4 vs. Does, Cause No. 1156450, Superior Court of California (8/27/04)
Nazareth House
   Poor Sisters of Nazareth
   10728 San Diego Mission Road
   San Diego CA 92108
      • Msgr. I.B. Eagen
      • Sr. Bridgette CSN
      • Mr. Richard Gordon
San Diego CA Late Church Official Named in Suit Alleging Girl's Rape, by Greg Moran, Union-Tribune (10/15/03)
5 Lawsuits Filed against Roman Catholic Diocese of S.D., by Greg Moran, Union-Tribune (12/12/03)
Frustration, Then Relief As Two Sides Struck Deal, by Sandi Dolbee, Union-Tribune (9/9/07)
St. Vincent's Home for Orphans
   Sisters of the Holy Humility of Mary
   Davenport IA 52804
       • Rev. James Janssen
Davenport IA Affidavit (7/21/03)
St. Henry’s Preparatory Seminary
   Oblates of Mary Immaculate
   5901 West Main St.
   Belleville, IL 62223
   Attended by diocesan, La Sallette, and Oblate candidates
       • Rev. Ronald Brassard
       • Six other priests and one deacon
Belleville IL Man Sues 7 Priests, Alleges Sex Abuse, St. Louis Post-Dispatch (4/7/95)
St. Thomas-St. Vincent Home
   Sisters of Charity of Nazareth
   Anchorage KY 40223
       • Rev. Herman J. Lammers
       • Sr. Joseph Anthony SCN
       • Sr. Arthur SCN
       • Sr. Charles SCN
       • Sr. James Patrick Cronin SCN
       • Sr. Madeline de Paul Galatine SCN
       • Sr. Mary Camilla Donohue SCN
       • Sr. Frances Howard SCN
       • Sr. Eva Marie SCN
       • Sr. Joseph Michael SCN
       • Sr. Anthony Louise Pereira SCN
       • Sr. Mary Ann Powers SCN
       • Sr. Mary Alma Stuecker SCN
       • Sr. Stanislas Kotska Willett SCN
Louisville KY Sisters Share Accusations against Priest and Others, by Peter Smith, Courier-Journal (7/20/04)
Order of Nuns Agrees to Pay $1.5 million in Abuse Suit, by Peter Smith, Courier-Journal (8/25/06)
Madonna Manor Home for Dependent Boys
   School Sisters of Notre Dame
   Salesian Fathers
   Marrero, LA 70072
       • Msgr. Raymond Hebert
       • Rev. Gilbert Gauthe
       • Sr. Alvin Marie Hagan SSND
       • Sr. Gertrude Marie SSND
       • Sr. Ladet SSND
       • Sr. Laurdette SSND
       • Sr. Martin Marie SSND
       • Sr. Mary Omer SSND
       • Sr. Stephen Rose
New Orleans LA 6 Allege Abuse at Catholic Home, by Bruce Nolan, Times-Picayune (8/25/05)
Madonna Manor Rocked by New Wave of Sex Suits, by Bruce Nolan, Times-Picayune (3/14/06)
Cushing Hall, Inc., a.k.a.
Catholic Boys Guidance Centre
   Archdiocese of Boston
   279 Tilden Rd.
   Scituate MA 02066
       • Rev. John J. Atwater, M.S.W., A.C.S.W.
Boston MA Diocese Records Show More Coverups, by Michael Rezendes and Sacha Pfeiffer, Boston Globe (9/13/02)
Elm Bank Junior Seminary
   Stigmatine Fathers
   900 Washington St.
   Wellesley MA
      • Rev. Richard J. Ahern CSS
      • Rev. Joseph E. Flood CSS
      • Br. John Fowler CSS
      • Rev. Leo P. Landry CSS
      • Rev. Leo Thomas Riley CSS
Boston MA Abuse Alleged at Wellesley Seminary, by Matt Carroll, Boston Globe (8/10/02)
Nazareth Orphanage
   Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul
   420 Pond St.
   Jamaica Plain MA 02130
      • Paul Hightower (seminarian)
      • Br. Edward Anthony Holmes SS.CC. (Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary), a.k.a. Brother Tony
Boston MA Hightower Personnel File: Excerpts As Filed with the Court
Ex-Religious Brother Charged with Rape, by Maria Cramer, Boston Globe (10/28/05)
Former Catholic Brother Gets 5 Years after Admitting Molesting Boys, by John R. Ellement, Boston Globe (12/21/06)
Former Catholic Brother Pleads Guilty to Raping Two Boy, Associated Press (12/21/06)
Records on 10 Clergy Released: Documents Reveal McCormack's Role, by Sacha Pfeiffer, Boston Globe (1/31/03)
Mom Defends Ex-Priest Son Accused of Sexual Abuse, by Robin Washington and Franci Richardson, Boston Herald (1/31/03)
Chase Has Fatal End; Brockton Man Held, Boston Globe (3/27/94)

Sacred Heart School for Boys
   Brothers of the Sacred Heart
   11 Haverhill St.
   Andover MA 01810
      • Br. Leo Labbe SC (a.k.a. Brother Gerald)
      • Br. Roger Argencourt SC (a.k.a. Brother Odillon)

Boston MA Bishop Guertin President Accused, Union Leader (11/23/02)
Bishop Guertin's Labbe Accused, on Leave, by J.M. Hirsch, Union Leader (11/22/02)
BG Head, Order Sued for Abuse, by Jonathan Van Fleet, Nashua Telegraph
Religious Order That Owns Nashua School Sued, Associated Press (2/13/03)

Note: Argencourt worked in Andover, according to an obituary, but there is no public allegation that he abused a child there. He is accused of abuse at Bishop Guertin HS in NH and Mount Saint Charles Academy in RI.

Crosier Seminary Preparatory School
   Crosier Fathers
   Onamia MN 56359
      • Rev. Neil Emon OSC
      • Br. Gabriel Guerrero OSC
      • Br. Gregory Madigan OSC
      • Very Rev. James G. Moeglein OSC
      • Br. Wendell Mohs OSC
      • Very Rev. Thomas E. O’Brien OSC
      • Rev. Richard Ohlemacher OSC
      • Mr. Harold M. Toole, Jr.
      • Br. Roger W. Vaughn OSC
      • Rev. Justin Weger OSC
St. Cloud MN

4 Members of Catholic Order Are Suspended, by Michael Clancy, Arizona Republic (10/10/02)
Crosiers Address Sex Abuse, by Chris Graves, Warren Wolfe and Richard Meryhew, Star Tribune (10/10/02)
Clergy Sex Abuse Advocate Says Victims Still in 'Shadows', by Cliff Buchan, Forest Lake Times (2/5/09)
Nine Men to Share $1.7 Million from Catholic Order That Admits Sex Abuse, by Emily Gurnon, Pioneer Press (2/5/09)
Crosiers Address Sex Abuse: Shoreview Religious Order Identifies Eight Offenders, by Chris Graves, Warren Wolfe, and Richard Meryhew, Star Tribune (10/10/02)
Abuse at Crosier School Detailed, by Chris Graves and Richard Meryhew, Star Tribune (6/16/02)
Minnesota Cases That Made Headlines, by Linda Scheimann, Star Tribune (2/28/04)
Two Alleged Sexual Abuse Victims Sue Catholic Order, by Margaret Zack, Star Tribune (5/4/06)

Note: At least 6 Crosiers have been accused of sexually abusing boys at the seminary, and the names of 4 of those accused clerics are known: Emon, Madigan, Mohs, and Vaughn; 2 names are not known. There are 5 Crosiers accused of abuse elsewhere who staffed the seminary or lived near it at some time in their careers: Guerrero, Moeglein, O'Brien, Ohlemacher, and Weger. It is not clear from Crosier statements or from newspaper reports whether the two unnamed Crosiers accused of abuse at the seminary are on that second list of 5 Crosiers or not.

St. John’s Preparatory School
   Benedictine Fathers
   Collegeville MN 56321
      • Fr. Thomas Andert OSB
      • Br. Andre Bennett OSB
      • Rev. Cosmas Dahlheimer OSB
      • Rev. Richard Eckroth OSB
      • Rev. John Eidenschink OSB
      • Rev. Thomas Gillespie OSB
      • Rev. Francis Hoefgen OSB
      • Br. John Kelly OSB
      • Br. Stephen Lilly OSB
      • Rev. Brennan Maiers OSB
      • Rev. Finian McDonald OSB
      • Rev. Dunstan Moorse OSB
      • Rev. Allen Tarlton OSB
      • Rev. Bruce Wollmering OSB
St. Cloud MN Behind the Pine Curtain: Decades of Abuse and Secrecy at St. John's Abbey, by Paul McEnroe and Pam Louwagie, Star Tribune (9/29/02)
Abbott Klassen Responds to Review Board Criticism, by David Unze, St. Cloud Times (11/7/07)
To Clergy Victims, Acknowledgment Proves Invaluable, by Kristin Gustafson, St. Cloud Times
St. John's Troubled Abbey, by A.W. Richard Sipe, Behind the Pine Curtain
Feelings of Betrayal Cut Deep, by Pam Louwagie, Star Tribune (9/29/02)
Lawsuit Widens Claims of Abuse, by Paul McEnroe and Pam Louwagie
Star Tribune (6/7/02)
Abbey: Please Report Abuse, by Frank Lee, St. Cloud Times (5/25/06)
St. Joseph's Boys' Home
St. Mary's Girls' Home

   Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis
   36th St. and Frederick Blvd.
   St. Joseph MO
       • Rev. Sylvester J. Hoppe
Kansas City-St. Joseph MO New Lawsuits Allege 1950s Sexual Abuse by Priest, by Kevin Murphy, Kansas City Star (8/30/05)
St. Ignatius Mission Boarding School
   Ursuline Sisters
       • Rev. Bernard Harris SJ
Flathead Indian Reservation MT Victims Come Forward to Reveal Abuse by Missoula Priest Nearly 50 Years Ago, by Michael Moore, Missoulian (9/26/09)
St. Charles Children’s Home
   Sisters of Charity of Our Lady, Mother of Mercy
   Rochester NH 03867
       • Rev. Paul E. Vadeboncoeur
       • Rev. Gerald Chalifour
Manchester NH

6 NH Victims Settle for $542,500 from Diocese, by Kathryn Marchocki, Union Leader (12/20/02)

Note: The Official Catholic Directory shows that these two accused priests worked at the orphanage, but there is no public record that either abused there.

St. Patrick's Orphanage
   Sisters of Mercy
   286 Concord St.
   Manchester NH 03104
       • Rev. Donald M. Osgood

Manchester NH Osgood Assignment record (1955-75)
Hacienda de los Muchachos
   Archdiocese of Santa Fe
   Farley NM
       • Rev. Edward Donelan
Santa Fe NM Man Abused by Priest Has No Case against State Officials, Court Says, Associated Press (7/17/99)
Abuse Suits Name State, by Susanne Burks, Albuquerque Journal (3/1/95)
St. Catherine’s Indian Boarding School
Junior-Senior High School

   Franciscan Priest and Brothers
   Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament for Indians and Colored
   Santa Fe NM
       • Br. Dennis Huff OFM
       • Rev. Christopher Kerr OFM
Santa Fe NM Man Accuses Priests of Sexual Abuse, Albuquerque Journal (1/24/97)
Accused Priests Had Quit Order, by S.U. Mahesh
Albuquerque Journal (1/25/97)
St. Anthony's Orphanage
   Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Charity
   2401 Cherry St.
   Toledo OH
       • Msgr. Michael J. Doyle
Toledo OH Believers Betrayed, by Michael D. Sallah and David Yonke, Toledo Blade (12/1/02)
St. Mary's Home for Boys
   Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows
   16535 S.W. Tualatin Valley Highway
   Beaverton OR 97005
       • Rev. Edmund J. Boyle
       • Rev. John M. Goodrich
       • Rev. Maurice Grammond
       • Rev. John MacNaughton
       • Sr. Mary Luke
Portland OR Table of Portland Claims, Oregonian (11/12/06)
St. Francis Orphanage
   Sisters of St. Francis
   R.F.D. No. 3
   Orwigsburg PA
      • Rev. Gerard W. Chambers
Philadelphia PA 5 Ex-Altar Boys Sue Archdiocese, Bevilacqua, by Nicole Weisensee Egan, Philadelphia Daily News (1/31/04)
Innocence Lost, by Mike Newall, Philadelphia Weekly (7/14/04)
Philadelphia Grand Jury Report (9/15/05)
Mt. St. Charles Academy
   Brothers of the Sacred Heart
   Woonsocket RI 02895
      • Br. Roger Argencourt SC (a.k.a. Brother Odillon)
Providence RI

Teacher Accused of Molestation Was Being Investigated in R.I., by J.M. Hirsch, Associated Press (10/1/02)

Holy Rosary School
   Jesuit Fathers (Wisconsin Province)
   Sisters of St. Francis Penance and Christian Charity
   Pine Ridge Reservation SD 57770
Rapid City SD Sioux Allege Abuse at Church Boarding Schools, by Sharon Waxman, Pioneer Press (6/2/03)
Native Americans File Law Suit against Boarding School Abuses, by Brian Bull, Voice of America News (8/11/03)
Lawsuit Alleges Abuse at Indian Boarding Schools, by Chet Brokaw, Associated Press (7/11/03)
The Dark Legacy of the Indian Boarding Schools, by Tim Giago, Huffington Post (4/1/07)
Court Revives School Abuse Lawsuit, by Chet Brokaw, Yankton Press & Dakotan (6/27/08)
Sky Ranch for Boys
   Diocese of Rapid City
   Sky Ranch SD 57724
      • Rev. Donald E. Murray
Rapid City SD Tom Economus Lost Frontline Interview, Frontline (1999)
Man Sues S.D. Home for Boys, by Joseph Morton
Omaha World Herald (3/13/02)
Judge Dismisses Lawsuit against Diocese, Associated Press (3/11/05)
St. Francis Grade and High School
   Jesuit Fathers (Wisconsin Province)
   Sisters of St. Francis Penance and Christian Charity
   Rosebud Sioux Reservation SD 57572
      • Br. Francis Chapman
      • Rev. Joseph C. Gill SJ
      • Theodore Kowalski
      • Rev. Kenneth T. Walleman SJ

Rapid City SD Sioux Allege Abuse at Church Boarding Schools, by Sharon Waxman, Pioneer Press (6/2/03)
Native Americans File Law Suit against Boarding School Abuses, by Brian Bull, Voice of America News (8/11/03)
Lawsuit Alleges Abuse at Indian Boarding Schools, by Chet Brokaw, Associated Press (7/11/03)
Court Revives School Abuse Lawsuit, by Chet Brokaw, Yankton Press & Dakotan (6/27/08)
St. Paul’s Indian Mission
   Benedictine Fathers
   Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament for Indians and Colored People
   Oblate Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament
   Yankton Reservation
   Marty SD 57361
      • Sr. Mary Francis Poitra OSBS
Sioux Falls SD Sioux Allege Abuse at Church Boarding Schools, by Sharon Waxman, Pioneer Press (6/2/03)
Native Americans File Law Suit against Boarding School Abuses, by Brian Bull, Voice of America News (8/11/03)
Lawsuit Alleges Abuse at Indian Boarding Schools, by Chet Brokaw, Associated Press (7/11/03)
Obituary of Sr. Mary Francis Poitra, Yankton Press & Dakotan (4/26/05)
Court Revives School Abuse Lawsuit, by Chet Brokaw, Yankton Press & Dakotan (6/27/08)
St. Anthony High School Seminary
   Oblates of Mary Immaculate
   3200 McCullough Ave.
   San Antonio, TX 78212
      • Rev. Carlos Lozano
San Antonio TX Clergy Abuse Victims Gather Together, by Doug Shupe, News 8 (2/10/04)
Abuse Victims Hold Service, by Sheila Hotchkin, San Antonio Express-News (2/21/04)
Bid to Change Sex-Crimes Law Faltering, by Lomi Kriel, San Antonio Express-News (4/20/05)
St. Joseph's Orphanage
   Sisters of Charity of Providence
   351 North Ave.
   Burlington VT 05401
      • Sr. Clare FCSP
      • Sr. Jane Doe FCSP
      • Bishop Louis E. Gelineau

Burlington VT Adults Worry That Church Won't Confess Its Sins, by Sally Johnson, Insight on the News (8/22/94)
Summary of Gelineau Allegation with Links
Church to Settle Orphanage Abuse Claims, by Sam Hemingway, Burlington Free Press (4/9/99)
Devotion and Deceit, by Louis Rom, Times of Acadiana (8/7/02)
Briscoe Memorial School
   Christian Brothers of Ireland
   5822 S. 196th St.
   Kent WA 98031
       Br. Duffy FSCH
      • Br. Ryan FSCH

Seattle WA Briscoe Memorial School: 'It Was a Truly Brutal Place', by Janet I. Tu, Seattle Times (2/16/04)
Abuse Alleged at Orphanage over Three Decades, Seattle Post-Intelligencer (9/28/05)
Lawsuit Alleges Sex Abuse 50 Years Ago, by Jeremy Pawloski, Olympian (1/22/08)
Seattle Archdiocese, Christian Brothers Reach $7M Settlement with Ex-students, by Janet I. Tu, Seattle Times (1/29/09)
$14.2M for Sex Abuse Victims in WA Orphanage Case, by Gene Johnson, Seattle Times (1/29/09)
St. John's School for the Deaf
   Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis
   3680 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.
   Milwaukee WI 53207
       Rev. Lawrence C. Murphy
       Mr. Tom Tannehill
Milwaukee WI Assignment Record with Links to Documents and Articles
Letter from Survivor to Murphy (2/12/95)
St. Lawrence High School Seminary
   Capuchin Friars (Province of St. Joseph)
   Mount Calvary WI 53057
      • Fr. James Buser OFM Cap
      • Br. Thomas Gardipee OFM Cap
      • Fr. Clarence Francis (“Jude”) Hahn OFM Cap
      • Fr. James LaReau OFM Cap
      • Fr. Gale Leifeld OFM Cap

Milwaukee WI 8 Men Tell of Sex Abuse by Friars, by Marie Rohde, Milwaukee Journal (12/20/92)
Over and Over: He Recalls at Least 50 Sex Episodes, by Marie Rohde, Milwaukee Journal (12/20/92)
Leader Says Victims Will Get Help, Milwaukee Journal (12/20/92)
Seminary Chief Says He's Heartsick, by Mary Beth Murphy, Milwaukee Sentinel (12/24/92)
Athletic Director, Former Worker Charged in Student-Abuse Case, Associated Press (1/6/93)
Capuchin Cleared of Sex Assault, by Mary Beth Murphy, Milwaukee Sentinel (3/20/93)
Investigation Finds Sexual Abuse at Seminary, by Lori McGinnis, United Press International (5/27/93)
Former Student Sues St. Lawrence Prep School, by Marie Rohde, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (7/29/93)
Capuchin Brother's Sex Case Dropped, Chicago Tribune (10/1/93)
Priest Admits Abuse, Wisconsin State Journal (2/19/94)
Ex-Pupil Testifies of Abuse by Priests Memory Repressed, Man Tells Jurors, by Jim Schaefer, Detroit Free Press (2/14/95)
Jury Rejects Sex Abuse Suit against Capuchin Priests, by Jim Schaefer, Detroit Free Press (3/29/95)
Church Reacted Slowly to Abuse Case: Despite Reports of Sexual Contact, Capuchin Leaders Kept Priest in Post at Seminary for a Decade, by Marie Rohde and Tom Kertscher, Journal Sentinel Online (4/19/02)

: This table does not state or imply that individuals facing allegations are guilty of a crime or liable for civil claims. The sources cited in the table document allegations. The U.S. legal system presumes that a person accused of or charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty. Similarly, individuals who may be defendants in civil actions are presumed not to be liable for such claims unless a plaintiff proves otherwise. Admissions of guilt or liability are not typically a part of civil or private settlements.

In the U.S. legal system, all accused persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty. This table is based solely on allegations reported publicly in the media or publicly filed in the courts., Inc. does not confirm the veracity of any actual allegation, and this table is not a representation of the legal case history of the individuals listed herein.

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