Bishop Accountability


This table was assembled by to allow you easy access to the documents of the Addendum, which was filed in the Ford case as an attachment to the July 21, 2003 brief, seeking to establish the "pattern and practice" of the Boston archdiocese. The Addendum does not include a list of documents.

The Addendum is organized by priest, with Paul Shanley first and the other 25 in alphabetical order after him, which is the order in which they are discussed in the Pattern & Practice brief. The documents for each priest are ordered by kind of document: "Bates stamped documents; Affidavits; Deposition Transcripts; Complaints and Other Pleadings; Micellaneous documents." (The Bates stamp is the number in the lower righthand corner of each document. The Boston archdiocesan documents are numbered sequentially within each priest's file, and a prefix identifies the file. So the first document in the Shanley file bears a Bates number of RCAB 00001.)

We have organized the table in the following columns:
1) Description - A brief description of the document's contents.
2) From - The author of the document. We try to provide the author's title at the time the document was written. For example, Robert J. Banks is called Fr. in early entries and Bishop in later ones.
3) To - The addressee of the document.
4) Date - The date on which the document was written. Sometimes this is stated on the document, but sometimes it can only be established by consulting other documents that reference the one in question.
5-7) Bates From To - The Bates number, if the document was part of the filing in the Ford case. Each archdiocesan document obtained in the case was stamped with a number, usually in the lower-right corner, consisting of a prefix referring to the priest, and a number. These numbers don't reflect the chronological order of the documents. Some documents have several Bates numbers, because they were filed in other cases as well.
8) Addendum Doc. No. - numbered the documents of the Addendum sequentially, so that we could preserve a record of the Addendum contents and their sequence. Some documents referenced in the Pattern & Practice brief are not provided in the copy of the Addendum that we received from Greenberg Traurig. We will make supplemental requests for those documents.


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