Fr. Finian McDonald, O.S.B.

Behind the Pine Curtain
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RESTRICTED for inappropriate sexual conduct.

If you see this monk around children or vulnerable adults,

please contact the authorities immediately.

Fr. Finian McDonald

Allegations of Abuse and/or Misconduct

Fr. Finian McDonald has at least five victims. The first instance of known abuse occurred in the mid-1970's. The last, involving a naked massage and (denied) request to fondle the victim occurred in the 1980's. According to a former monk who spoke with McDonald, McDonald admitted to being a sex addict who couldn't control himself.

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Born: 12/23/28

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Professed: 7/11/56 (27.55 years old)

Ordained: 6/2/62 (33.44 years old)

Listed as an Active Monk in 2009: Yes

First Year in Benedictine Ordo: 1957

Last Year in Benedictine Ordo: 2009

Possible Aliases

Possible aliases for Fr. Finian McDonald, O.S.B.:

Fr. Finianus McDonald, Father Finianus McDonald

Fr. Finian McDonald, Father Finian McDonald

Fr. Robertus McDonald, Father Robertus McDonald

Fr. Robert McDonald, Father Robert McDonald

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