Pastoral Ministry of Priests 2010
Regina Pacis Pastoral Region

Catholic Diocese of Orlu
No Date

Be the shepherd of the flock of God that is entrusted to you; watch over it, not as a duty but gladly, because God wants it, not for sordid money, but because you are eager to do it. Never be a dictator over any group that is put in your charge, but be an example that the whole flock can follow. When the Chief shepherd appears, you will be given the crown of unfaiding glory." (1 Pet. 5: 1 - 11).

1. Orlu - Holy Trinity Cathedral

Rev. Fr. Cornelius Ekwebelem (Administrator); Rev. Fr. Chrysantus Ugorji

2. Amaifeke - St. Mary's Parish

Very Rev. Msgr. Emmanuel Nwosu; Rev. Fr. Callistus Nwaobi

3. Amannachi - St. John's Parish

Rev. Fr. Augustine Iwuagwu

4. Amaruru - St. John of the Cross

Rev. Fr. Chukwudiebere Ohachu

5. Amazu - St. Michael's Parish

Rev. Fr. Gabriel Arihi

6. Amike - St. Peter's Parish

Rev. Fr. Donald Ewuru; Rev. Fr. Augustine Nwokeji (In Residence)

7. Assah Ubirielem - St. Mary's Parish

Rev. Fr. Augustine Ifediba

8. Awo-Idemili - C.K.C. Parish

Very Rev. Fr. Finian Nwaozor (Dean); Rev. Fr. Benneth Onyebuchukwu

9. Awo-Idemili - St. Martin de Pores Parish

Rev. Fr. Uzochukwu Uzor

10. Awo-Idemili St. Martin of Tours

Rev. Fr. Adolphus Egwim

11. Ebenator All Saints' Parish

Rev. Fr. Paulinus Uzoma; Rev. Fr. Alexander Nwabuo

12. Elugwu - Okabia - St. Mary' Parish

Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Azudiugwu

13. Eziachi St. Patrick's Parish

Rev. Fr. Hyginus Chigere;

14. Eziawa St. Anthony's Parish

Rev. Fr. Celestine Onwuekwe

15. Ihioma - Regina Pacis Parish

Rev. Fr. Jude Egbom; Rev. Fr. Linus Osuchukwu

16. Ihitenansa - Holy Ghost Parish

Rev. Fr. Festus Onyebueke; Rev. Fr. Kingsley Emejuru

17. Ihitenansa - St. Mary's Parish - Amanogu

Rev. Fr. Jude Obianigwe

18. Ihiteowerre - St. Martin's Parish

Rev. Fr. Poulin Bewa (OMI); Rev. Jovita Chibueze (OMI)

19. Mgbee - Holy Cross Parish

Rev. Fr. Oliver Esomonu

20. Obibi-Ochasi St. Joseph's Parish

Rev. Fr. Francis Anigbogu (OMI)

21. Obinugwu - Holy Trinity

Rev. Fr. Sylvanus Ibe

22. Ogberuru - St. Patrick's Parish

Rev. Fr. Cajethan Onwujiariri

23. Okporo - St. Joseph's Parish

Rev. Fr. Josaphat Obiajunwa; Msgr. Peter Onyebuchi (In residence); Rev. Fr. Williams Onwuneme

24. Okporo - St. Theresa's Parish

Rev. Fr. Anthony Ngwumohaike

25. Okwuabala - All Saints' Parish

Very Rev. Msgr. Justin Onyenemegam; Rev. Fr. Christopher Ihenetu

26. Orsuihiteukwa - Sacred Heart Parish

Very Rev. Msgr. Felix Ojimba; Rev. Fr. Samuel Obasi

27. Owere Ebeiri - Our Lady of Lourdes' Parish

Rev. Fr. Julius Ekwueme

28. Owerre Ebeiri St. Martin's Parish

Rev. Fr. Vitus Okechukwu; Rev. Fr. Cyriacus Uzochukwu (In Residence).

29. Umudioka - Sacred Heart Parish

Rev. Fr. Uchechukwu Nnajiofor

30. Umudioka - St. Paul's Parish Owere Umudioka

Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Odenigbo

31. Umuhu Okabia - St. Joseph's Parish

Rev. Fr. Valentine Oguike;

32. Umuna - St. Joseph's Parish

Very Rev. Msgr. Basil Maduike; Rev. Fr. Fidelis Ajamugha; Rev. Fr. Longinus Ogowuihe (Principal: St. Joseph Sec. School), Rev. Fr. Maurice Chukwukere (In Residence).

33. Umuowa - St. Mary's Parish

Rev. Fr. Ethelbert Ngoka; Rev. Fr. Augustus Duruiheako (Student); Rev. Fr. Bonaventure Amadi.

34. Umutanze - St. Mary's Parish

Rev. Fr. Isidore Madueke

35. Umuzike - St. Patrick's Parish

Rev. Fr. Anthony Nwosu

"In order to fulfill his office diligently, the Pastor should strive to come to know the faithful who have been entrusted to his care; therefore, he is to visit families, sharing the cares, worries, and especially the griefs of the faithful, strengthening them in the Lord, and correcting them prudently if they are wanting in certain arears; with a generous love he is to help the sick particularly those close to death, refreshing them solicitously with the sacraments and commending their souls to God; he is to make a special effort to seek out the poor, the afflicted, the lonely, those exiled from their own land, and similarly those weighed down with special difficulties; he is also to labour diligently so that spouses and parents are supported in fulfilling their proper duties, and he is to foster growth in the Christian life within the family. " Canon 529, #1.

Most Rev. Dr. Augustine Ukwuoma

Bishop of Orlu.


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